Kingscrusher OTB Chess Game: Psychology of Material , Binds, difficulty to play vs Material

Kingscrusher OTB Chess Game: Psychology of Material , Binds, difficulty to play vs Material

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Captain’s report:

The 1st team continued where we left off 2017 with a convincing win against a depleted Athenaum yesterday. They defaulted board 8, and my opponent on board 7 eventually turned up but well after the 30 minute default time. The match point was then confirmed after a classy win by David, a typical Tom crush, and Tryf turning the tables on his opponent around the time control. The remaining games went down to the wire, with Chris unlucky not to close out a win in a rook endgame after playing an excellent middlegame, and Simon’s game ending in a tense draw. Alecos had very little time, but having accumulated 4 pieces for a queen, closed out for a flattering final scoreline.

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January 10, 2018 / 14 Comments / by / in
  • Really miss your daily blitz games.

  • FVR

    Nice game to show that chess is always a game of psychology too…also it seemed to me that your extra rook was basically just a victim to disturbing tempo gains, and giving it up was like the "relief"….more OTB games please! 🙂

  • You are totally right about added the stress of playing over the board. This was a horrible position to defend. I did spot the rook takes bishop move. This must have been a moment of huge relief!

  • Brilliant lesson here. Thanks KC.

  • What OTB stands for

  • Lmao terrible time to get 15 extra minutes. Great game, this is way better than blitz against the same old players.

  • Fantastic game. II learned a lot from this. Thanks KC!

  • It takes 2 to tango

  • Thank God the instructional videos are back! This is the bread and butter of your channel!

  • Very sharp stuff, tip-toeing through the minefields. Reminds me of the Tal strategy of dragging your opponent into the darker forest, or deeper waters – whichever it was. But here rather, both of you are daring each other to complicate further maybe more like a game of chicken. The Sword of Damocles! Oh wait – "The bee that will not state its sting!" Thanks Emily Dickinson.

  • Drink ever time kc says bind

  • Quite complex and challenging indeed. Also interestingly beautiful as well. Thanks.

  • Well recovered! This is another one of those instructive games about the importance of not giving up, or losing hope, in a game. We've all been there, I'm sure: where your opponent gets a nasty boa constrictor like bind that you feel like is the beginning of the end. But it's not always so. One small inaccuracy by your opponent can breathe life back into the position in a very surprising way!

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