Jordan Peterson: Jung (Depth Psychology)

Jordan Peterson: Jung (Depth Psychology)

University of Toronto professor and clinical psychologist, Jordan Peterson, delivers Part 6 of his lecture series entitled Personality & Its Transformations. In this lecture, Dr. Peterson relates Nietzsche and the concept of nihilism to Jung’s concepts of depth of meaning on which depth psychology is built. Watch the full lecture at:
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  • 16:40 what's the name of the book? can somebody spell it?

  • Is this a psychology course or history course?

  • You totally had me up until 13:55. Your views on and understanding of communism is simply without nuance. Too bad.

  • What if the reason we can't figure out what generates our consciousness is that we are looking into the brain instead of the nervous system the spreads out from the heart?

  • This guy helps me plot out what I want to do with my life 🙏🏼

  • The Cuban Missile Crisis was not in 1964 (as stated here) but in 1962. Two points re George Orwell 1) He despised Marxism from his time fighting in the Spanish Civil War (1936-7); 2) He did not realise anything in 1955 as he died in January 1950. Conflating all manner of political movements and labelling them as bad is puerile and worthless posturing – this idiot slags off Communism et al as being destructive (which is true enough) whilst forgetting to mention how truly evil CAPITALISM has been and is. Do your own research and ignore bad tutors.

  • The Cuban missile crisis was in 1962, not 1964. JFK was already dead in 1964!

  • I disagree with some points Peterson makes here, mainly two:
    1. "God is dead" argument: To say that religious faith was replaced by faith in the state in the 1930's is a bit misleading. Nothing was replaced – Hitler was born chatolic, the Nazis were Catholics and Lutherans who had been schooled for centuries to believe that jews were responsible for killing Jesus. It's true that Nazism was a "state religion" but it never replaced faith in God or Christianity. So it's not a valid argument to say that "They believed in a different higher power than God – and look what happened!" as if they weren't christians. They were. My own point is that you do terrible things in the name of something if you adopt faith, whether it's faith in a certain ideology (like nazism or communism) or faith in God, because faith is a toxic aspect of human nature and it turns people into unthinking slaves of dictators ("God" is just an invisible one).
    2. Culture and tradition: To say that "You should get married because it solves a lot of practical problems" is condescending to say the least. The only reason marriage solves some practical problems is because the law is designed that way. Marriage is one of the most damaging remaining parts of ancient western culture. To be a single parent is hell, I agree, but only because of the law. With social welfare a single parent is as free – and happier, one could argue – than any married couple out there. Why advocate clinging to the unfree unjust institution of marriage when you can advocate political change instead?

  • News flash: Santa Clause is dead! Didn't you hear? You might frame me as a nihilist… because I have killed Santa Clause and all of his alter egos….however…I worship and value children of all else…not some invisible insecure, sadistic super being that lives in the sky and enjoys human sacrifice and scaring children. My life has meaning and purpose because I have eaton the apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and found that my core values emanate from my DNA. If you listen to your DNA, and shape a society based on what you hear…a society will emerge that operates in harmony with the natural environment, in harmony with other humans, and will be sustained until our sun supernovas. If you doubt this – please study the Paleolithic societies in the Andaman Islands – the Jarawa and Sentinelli – you may come to see that they have lived in a Garden of Eden for over 30,000 years – inside nature – not outside – not bending nature to their will – instead harmonizing with the forces of nature. There is no word for work in their language. No frame for toil. No wars, no terror. Possessions have negative value….They spend 2 hours a day on survival and the rest playing and loving each other. How does this happen? Their society is 100% horizontal – no leaders, everyone is equal – except for children who are treated like royalty. There are no adult children, no addictions, no dysfunction of any kind, no rules, no government, no need for police – just extreme individual freedom – for each and everyone to beoome who they truly are and not successive iterations of a personality. Children are not kids (baby goats). Santa Clause is dead!  Stop scaring children with lies about a 24/7 surveillance by a ghost or su[er being or Santa Clause and behavior score keeping…lies about an afterlife or super beings or holy ghosts. – protect and nurture them them with your life. This is what happens when you accept that super beings  are not needed for worship. Religion is not needed to control your behavior and lead a successful life and give your life meaning! Flourishing and loving is our birthright – the path emanates from our DNA. Please be human….nihilism is not the enemy…believing in things you know deep in your heart are not really true – those are the enemies. Your frame – which is established by the dominant culture which exploits your need for belongingness to manipulate your behavior: this frame is the enemy. Will your frame permit the truth to set you free?

  • You mention the millions of people murdered – by godless people – the communists – the result of not worshiping God. What is interesting to me is that your frame of the situation leaves out the fact that a group of people from Europe came to America and exterminated millions of people and stole their land and sequestered the rest in "Reservations" empowered now by casinos. These same people went to Africa and stole humans…then brought them back to America and enslaved them. These people claimed that the God they worshipped – wanted them to do these things: make treaties, break them, steal land, murder the occupants of the land, and then enslave Africans . Nearly all these people, who committed genocide using guns and biological warfare (anthrax in blankets given to the natives) and enslaved humans for economic gain, were Christians. Isn't this worse than the atrocities committed by Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Gangis Khan all added together? Why doesn't your fame allow you to see the truth? Perhaps you are standing at high noon – hold on – the sun will move – and your shadow will become visible – if your frame allows you to see it….

  • You left off your list of evil guys that don't believe in God then committed genocide: Buddhists….who don't believe in any super beings, in fact they say – there is no recipe for salvation – like Christianity….These people have no God, and they say you must wake up to reality all on your own, nobody can give you this – you must earn it. My frame doesn't not include the historical events where Buddhists nihilists murdered millions of people. Please educate me and prove your point that without worshiping a super being – people will murder millions…. I honestly don't know when and where the Buddhists did this….

  • My brain hurrrrrts

  • I love the last line : "That will do in your intellectual pretentions"

  • Um, I have a personal rigid moral structure for me and my decisions and my life, but I dream all the time.

  • I hate when people say everyone is basically good. Everyone is basically connected spiritually. This is why we take the horrors of mass murder, torture, suicide, serial killers so personally and exact revenge. Humankind is so connected that the offense of disconnecting to injure another is absolutely emotionally crippling.

  • I can listen to this man speak for hours!

  • Among the Best and most stimulating thinkers on the planet. Both thoroughly enjoyable and terrifying to apprehend. Be grateful for the grace of his presence.

  • great video


  • Anyone seeking a succinct explanation of Jung must look elsewhere. The speaker most of the time seems to have forgotten what he has announced as his topic.

  • As an INTJ, lover of Myers-Briggs (based upon Jungian archetypes), and as a high IQ person who's in the field of mental health, I'd LOVE to have learned under Dr. Peterson.

  • sometimes I'm not sure whether he says "Jung" or "hume" does also talk about hume?

  • Man, these comments that point out some "mistake" are rediculous. Grab what is fruitful and go, the whole world has a shadow, your anima is projecting friends.
    JP is JP, You are you.
    This is not pickles on your mcdonalds cheeseburger, that you specified in your "order".
    Leave it to ME to miss the point haahahahaa!

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