Jonathan Haidt on Libertarian Psychology

Jonathan Haidt on Libertarian Psychology

The original 95 mintue video is here:
Haidt’s speach (this video) was the most interesting presentation.


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  • Gua

    I'm glad that there's are a term that reflect my political views, too bad it is literally non existent in my country. I mean, most people never hear the term of libertarian.

  • Wow, i understand myself quite a bit better.

  • Your brain can NUDGE you in certain directions, but you can learn more and see flaws in your earlier thoughts/arguments, and change them.

  • I can not see why libertarians would reject altruism. Altruism can be bent and shaped to the need of a demography by the generous individual where state enforced coercion of taxation to fund welfare can't. It's your choice to help someone or not. You're free to decide for yourself.

  • I know it is an old fashioned idea. But people used to be expected to push their emotions aside and make rational decisions. Now people think that if you can push your emotions aside, you have autism.

  • "Libertarians and liberals are really, really high." – Johnathan Haidt

  • According to Wikipedia, "Haidt" is pronounced like 'height', not like 'hate'. The introducer consistently pronounced it wrong.

  • The problem with his chart is that a liberal will score himself high in loyalty while he is secretly cheating on his wife.

  • Britain leaving the EU is a rejection of the default notion that altruism is an absolute moral good. The EU says "take the poor Muslim refugees or you will be bad people" and the Brits say now "we don't care any more, you are grownups, work out your own problems".

  • @11:10 systemizing v empathizing perfectly describes how liberals are more feminine than libertarians. Great lecture

  • he starts @ 1:49

  • So basically a Libertarian is a liberal minus the whole "giving a fuck about other people" thing (?)

  • Democrats are pussies, literally!

  • Wrong tie.

  • second to last chart showed liberals beating conservatives and libertarians in "neuroticism" lolololololol

  • His talk and data just strenghthened my opinion again that Libertarianism is the cancer of this world and Ayn Rand should have ahd her tongue ripped out.

  • Basically, most libertarians are moderates. Just like most of America.

  • It's not just the welfare state that is uniting conservatives and libertarians… Now more than ever, it is PC.

    It's the openness to ideas to ideas combined with the contrariness and lack of concern for fitting in.

    As a free-thinker with a penchant for unpopular ideas, the sight of an angry violent mob, at say the Berkeley riots, chills me to the bone. It immediately calls to mind images of brownshirts and torch-wielding witch-burners.

    This is why I adore Hitchens, even though I now disagree with him on a great many things. Nothing epitomizes why I love him more than the moment he literally flipped the bird to Maher's audience. As he put in the most passionate and rousing defense of free speech I have ever heard, these ignoramuses dare tell me what I can think, what I can read, what I can say, who I can listen to? I suggest instead they engage in carnal relations with their female parent. I suddenly feel a pressing urge to train in the use of firearms in self defense.

  • I had no idea I was a libertarian till a few years ago. Often what can happen is when your social circle dramatically changes or reduced, for example moving house working from home, you care less about "what people think" and start to be more interested in "what is true" and what are the actual outcomes without the emotional confusion. I do definitely rank freedom and liberty above all else. That doesn't just apply to me it applies to other people. I would quite literally risk my life to protect someone else's. So it isn't so much about "not giving a crap about other people" it's giving a crap about them on a rational level rather than emotional one. I also have no doubt some of this stems in some way from having a narcissistic emotionally abusive mother. Of which 5% of people have by the way. This leads one to learn over time their emotions can be used very effectively against them and can be a real weakness. My emotions are not gone. Even emotional music can make me fight back tears in some cases! But a rational side has forced its way forward and refuses to allow control by others. Most people have no idea when they have been emotionally abused

  • And now I read comments about why people believe their personal political views give them moral high ground while diminishing their opposition.

  • Is this how libertarians generally always must be, or is it that the types of people in modern world to hold up the libertarian flag are this way? Meaning that if more people understood the general principles of liberty that the data would look different. The people's demeanor under an enduring flag must change over time because of changing conditions. Or maybe I once again don't understand what libertarianism is. I thought it was just americanism recognizing individual rights and government not having more rights than citizens. But people connect it to Ayn Rand and other philosophy of how to live, while I thought it was merely about the role of government

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