Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

Dr. Jeffrey Schaler Professor of Psychology describes psychiatry as a pseudo Science. Read comments from Psychiatrists, including the former chairman of the DSM task force admitting that there are no medical tests to confirm mental disorders:


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  • @globalchaos1984 Did you actually just say he is "ignoring the contradicting evidence"? We're not sure how to explain this to you but you just argued yourself out of your own argument. Well done.

  • @CCHRInt Am I arguing with a child here? He's ignoring the multitudes of evidence that prove him wrong. Or should I say it another way, he is only presenting the evidence that fits into his narrow theory. Clear enough for you?

  • @globalchaos1984 right…..cite the "multitudes of evidence"
    We want to teach you something about debate. You actually have to present one.

  • @CCHRInt It's sort of hard when you censor all my comments.

  • @globalchaos1984 We haven't "censored" one of your comments. You've posted repeatedly and still no evidence. So….we're waiting…..serve it on up.

  • @globalchaos1984 You can start with citing the evidence to counter the statements in the link you will find in the description above. Including former DSM task force member Allen Frances and other psychiatrists. That's a good place to start. Then we can go from there.

  • @globalchaos1984 My first two comments are missing below and you have comment pending approval on you connect the dots.

  • @CCHRInt I've been in this before with people who ignore science, aka Scientologists and when I post studies and facts they call them biased and untrue. So before I waste my time what do you consider hard evidence?

  • @globalchaos1984 LOL. This is like your fifth email you've sent in and we've posted everyone. We keep telling you cite the evidence to back your claims but you keep going off subject, because you don't seem to have any evidence Now this is getting lame. If you want to have a rational debate, you have to start with being rational. So, once again globalchaos, cite the evidence.

  • @globalchaos1984 sigh….this is getting old. Read the above and submit some rational counter evidence if you have any. We've posted every one of your comments but this is getting boring.

  • He's almost as good as Thomas Szasz.

  • @CCHRInt Comparative brain scans between schizophrenic and unaffected brains are different. Are you to say that schizophrenics should stop taking their anti-psychotics?

  • @globalchaos1984 Better! That was a valid question. Look up the Journal of Psychological Medicine, July 7 2010 – "Anti-psychotic drugs are likely to cause brain damage. The results challenge the widely-held view that schizophrenia itself causes brain structural changes, such as less brain grey matter, bigger ventricles and larger cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) spaces. ." And we're not saying anyone should/shouldn't take drugs. We're saying they have a right to know the documented side effects

  • @The4LA2Baker0 Psychology uses the Scientific method to describe, explain, and predict behavior. With replication if the methods used to test certain theories prove valid and reliable it becomes fact like any other science. With that said how can you say that psychology isn't a science?

  • I call bullshit.

    First and foremost, this guys rhetorics is full of it. OF COURCE I wouldn't say that someone is physically ill when I disagree with his reasoning, which is a MENTAL ability. Just like I wouldn't ask if someone is schizofrenic if he comes up coughing slime at me and had warts in his face. It's because it doesn't make any frikkin sense, not because one is "a real kind of disease" and the other is "made up to control people"

  • The battle against psychiatrists should have happened a LONG TIME AGO!.. Its too late now!!.

  • can someone please add subtitles to this? i want to show this to my parents

  • @pphaY Are they deaf?

  • Wow, really? Way to invoke Godwin's law.

  • i just love this …

  • truth!

  • While I agree with some of what he is saying, I also believe that there is legitimate mental illness. Does it require medication? I don't know. I'm not any kind of doctor. However, I DO know that when I see someone running around stabbing or shooting random people because the voices in their head told them to do it, SOMETHING is very wrong with them.

  • Dr. Schaler's comments give greater credence to Internal Family Systems therapy because of its non-pathological epistemology.  At bottom, this is what Schaler is arguing against; the idea that "dysfunctional" or even irrational behaviors exists.  The DSM is just a collation of behaviors that we humans do as some sort of defense or rational reaction to trauma that once was necessary for our survival (when, as children, we were defenseless and required our parents' care for our survival, for example), and is now a habitual emotional short circuit that no longer serves us as autonomous adults.

    I believe that when we as a species evolve to the point where EVERYONE is valuable, regardless of what they "do" or "contribute", and are cared for at least on a basic level as long as they are not doing harm to others, then mental illness will disappear and psychiatrists will be out of business.

  • these drugs cause there problems

  • Thanks to Jeff Schaler also, because his views on drugs have the potential of liberating society and those who feel miserable because of them. I managed to meet very many people with drug issues and psychiatry has only worsened the situation of every single one of them! The psychiatric "addiction" ideology makes people blind for real solutions and thus lets them helpless, stumbling from psychiatry's pseudo-medical "rehab" to "rehab" (zero cures), simply because they are mislead again by psychiatry inventing diseases as false explanations for real problems.

    If the "double drug terror" (wording of Dr. Thomas Szasz) went away, it would liberate the USA from the unspeakable, unnecessary misery psychiatry is inflicting upon us by its double drug terror.

  • Hello! Thanks! CCHR keep going! I Love Dr Jeffrey A. Schaler 😀
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  • There were a lot of waffen ss that got depressed doing there extermination jobs in the camps, and quite a lot committed suicide. I am glad they didn't get pumped up with antidepressants to keep going.

  • While most psychiatric disorders (like schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder) are made up, certain neurological disorders, like Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease, actually exist because there is strong scientific evidence to support their existence.

  • I'd have to disagree with what he says about needing "two people for a diagnosis" in psychology. That's ridiculous, you also need two people for a medical diagnosis. Yes there are some fluffy psychiatric disorders that might be considered a social construct, but the hallucinations someone with schizophrenia experiences when alone on an island is JUST as real as the cancer that one develops on the same island. This guy is bordering on cynicism….

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