Jeb Bush is wrong about psychology

Jeb Bush is wrong about psychology

UPDATE: Watch my response to the #ThisPsychMajor campaign:

Jeb Bush thinks the biggest contribution of psych majors is working in fast food. I disagree.

So many psych majors are out there doing awesome things, like saving lives.

This psych major helps young people overcome suicide at one of NYC’s largest medical centers.

Let’s show Jeb Bush how important psychology is. Did you major in psych? Write down the awesome things you’re doing with your degree, take a photo, share it social media with #ThisPsychMajor.

Topics Discussed:
– group polarization
– Controlled Cognitive Engagement Method
– gun violence
– cognitive dissonance
– informed consent

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  • #ThisPsychMajor helps young people overcome suicide.

  • Excellent summary of what both doctoral and undergrad psychology majors are capable of doing!

  • A spirited defense of psychology as an educational foundation for life.  Go Ali!

  • #ThisPsychMajor helps individuals with chronic pain increase their quality of life.

  • Hey didn't u go to prospect high school?!?!

  • Thanks for speaking up to show all the good we do. Among all the things I do as a clinical psychologist in private practice, I help save marriages, keep families together and help young adults reach their potential.

  • He wasn't saying the biggest contribution of psych major is fast food, but that majority of psych majors are not going to find psych-relevant jobs after graduation.

  • Thank you for letting the public know how a psychologist can help people live safer and less conflicted lives.

  • What I see is the psychology profession kicking up a bigger fuss about the Jeb Bush remark than 20/20 showing a therapist using "Compression Therapy" on an adopted child (aka Attachment Therapy, Holding Therapy, Rage Reduction) on the ABC website this Friday. They also presented a quack diagnosis as real.

    Get your priorities in order, psychology people! The torture of little kids via "therapy" is a helluva lot worse than any stupid remark.

    This practice — which is playing a central role in the "re-homing" abuse — has been going on for over four decades! Do something about it, please.

  • Dr. Mattu, I am a proud psychotherapist for almost 9 years (MA in Counseling Psych without a psych major). While I appreciate your video for informing people about the value of psychology I also agree in large part with Jeb Bush's point. Whenever a young person tells me he is planning to major in psych I recommend that he at least minor in some discipline that gives him employable job skills right out of school. The journey to the higher degrees in psychology is wonderful and rewarding and is also challenging and can take quite a bit of time – time during which it would be nice to be able to pay the bills.

  • Could you please pick something that crescendos a bit more from a quiet sound for your intro….sound was so loud I had to yank my earplugs out. Not gonna listen to it if it's gonna deafen me.

  • psych majors come in 2 forms drug dealers and drug counselors. they ignore environmental factors and think being mentally healthy is being a sociopath. while for some reason you can not be addicted to money and power

  • You tell 'em, Ali!

  • I actually plan on going into animal behavior and research with my Psych degree!

  • #thispsychmajor is disturbed by the juxtaposition of psych degree earners to fast food workers. This argument is grounded in classist rhetoric and does nothing to uplift the hard work and contributions to the infrastructure of our country made by fast food workers. I'm a tenure track professor and in no way think that my job is somehow more worthy of recognition or value than other people doing incredibly important work, like creating meals and doing their best to make an honest living to support themselves and their communities. Instead of putting down fast food workers by tring to distance ourselves from them, we should be contributing our psychology knowledge toward efforts that push live able wage earnings for fast food workers. #thispsychmajor #psychologistsshouldntparticipateinclassistpolitics #wearebetterthanthis

  • Oh please, psychology is as much of a science as custodial engineering.

  • The most famous psychologist of all time (Freud) is laughed at by real scientists. His work is repeatable "proven" false

  • Ok… I am not voting for the ass hat, but if you read into what he said, and look at the context, Jeb Bush basically is saying Universities charge an insane amount for a Masters/Doctoral and don't set the right expectation on average income for those degrees. My Wife has 190k in student loans and is making 22k a year during her Post Doc in Miami Fl. The majority of Psy D students will not land a job at NASA…. further more, the average income for those degree's after post doc, still are in the range of 50k-90k…. so basically, you go to school for over 10 years, are broke for most of it, owe the cost of a house in federal loans, and are expected to pay it off in 10 years…. yes, you can do what we did and apply for hardship and yes you can work at a non profit with the hope they forgive your student loans after x years… but the majority of them, will be working 2 to 3 jobs just to get by.(teaching, freelance, and piece work)…. GL

  • I'm not a psych major, but as a social work major, I completely understand the importance of psychology. Social workers have to work with psychologists everyday in order to help people. Want people with mental illness to live better lives? Want people to get out of living in poverty? Want kids to have great adoptive/foster parents? Want people to heal after physical/psychological trauma? Want people to receive help for addiction? Want to end homelessness? THEN WE NEED PSYCHOLOGISTS.

  • Funnily enough, Jeb has a liberal arts degree. I guess he's equating what he does to flipping burgers? Sounds about right.

  • except Bush is right-yeah I get it psych majors do go on to do some great things but let's face it most need a Masters. Not to mention that it is the 5th most popular major with the highest unemployment prospects upon graduation. Not to mention that Bush went on to say that we need more electricians, plumbers, teachers and computer specialists. So making a movement out of this is somewhat ridiculous when the facts are not on your side.

  • #ThisPsychMajor has a Masters of Science Degree in Psychology and works with leaders of large organizations designing effective leadership programs, coaching and organizational development for the next generation.  I'm available for $250 per hour if you need some help #JebBush

  • Psychology is a science, that's a good one. I needed a good laugh today.

  • I think he's referring to how over saturated the major is in schools. I'm not saying psychology is a pointless study or that I'm defending him, but it is the most common major among students (after undecided) right now. In a few years, getting a job as a psychiatrist will be very very competitive.

  • #thispsychmajor empowers women and help them overcome DV situations on Tuesdays .

  • SLL

    I love your video

  • Here is my update to the #ThisPsychMajor campaign:

  • Unfortunately, too many influential people, and not only in the US, seem to think that everything psychological is something you actively choose for, thus the lack of a descent (financial) support system for people with mental illnesses.

  • "Psychology is science"
    Psychology is at best applied philosophy.

  • I'm not sure who that Jeb bloke is, imnfrom Australia and never heard if him. He sounds like a wanker. So many people die of suicide each year, imagine how many more it would be if it wasn't for psychologists. People with opinions like Jebs piss me off too buddy!

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