Is Evolutionary Psychology Wrong About Beauty? With Professor Richard Prum

Is Evolutionary Psychology Wrong About Beauty? With Professor Richard Prum

In this episode we talk to author of The Evolution of Beauty, Professor Richard Prum. We discuss dating for beauty or personality.

The evolutionary view of beauty has traditionally been that humans evolved a sense of what was beautiful based on practically. We’re often taught that things like the waist to hip ratio are a long-ingrained sign of fertility to men, which is why we find them attractive.

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  • Sup tai

  • Omg first but anyways listen plz…Tai what u think of astrology n does it help in selection of your personal circle in life….Huge love from india ….U make my life better love to you

  • I'm impressed Mr Tai. Almost everyday you're giving us ~10% of your awake Time. Thank you.
    Thank you also for 67 Steps:)

  • Of course beauty matters. Gold has no value other than looking good and being shiny, humans are pretty much the same today just dealing with different levels of sophistication and abstraction over the very same core principles.

  • 11th 🙂

  • Prof Rick 's smile is so precious😍

  • The thumbnail of this vid is literally fireworks🙌

  • Please I need an iPhone 7 for my school and thank you for all psychology information

  • Time for some educational content folks!

  • Maybe us less aggressive humans are only here because the female doesn't want her babies to get murdered so she marries a nice ape but still has sex with the ferocious ape when she wants and the nice ape won't kill her babies with the mean ape? Isn't that how it works in the real world today anyways? Let's say the mom has 3 sets of kids with the husband (nice) ape but accidentally has 1 baby with the mean one cause she wanted sex. This would explain why there are still some ferocious people that women like to have sex with.

  • I would much rather a guy with a good personality over looks.


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  • I believe we are attracted to each others torus fields, if we listen to that, it's then that we pick the best match for friends and the perfect mate.

  • physical looks aren't enough for me…i need a soul/heart connection too !

  • So many people diss Tai, but if they just take the best and forget the rest; he really is a great resource and offering insane value… 😀

  • Interesting!

  • Interesting interview but the arguments of professor richard prum were very poor. He sounds like he fell in love with the beauty of things and desperately trys to fight against the idea that beauty is only the product of boring causal correlation. The statements of Dr david buss make much more sense to me

  • Was wondering about the mannequin who sit beside Tai..

  • Good…Discussion…on a Beautiful…..Content

  • Wow you hit the 1 Million, grats bro!

  • Honestly, Tai you are a great businessman no joke! But to think Humans are just animals take the whole rational actions out of the question. Here's an idea Tai, how about you bring a praxeologist and have a non-animalistic conversation. Thanks. Keep up the business thing going though!

  • lets go

  • I swear I watched this exact podcast like 2 weeks ago!? Someone please tell me this is a repost Im tripping out

  • Swanni just chillin lol

  • Can someone summarize?

  • Evolutionary psychology is NEVER WRONG

  • I love the psychology episodes, please do more.

  • A legendary find..

  • I’ve developed a massive headache listening to Rick stammer for an hour

  • I love these talks, thanks for sharing.

  • make a celebration video for reaching 1 million subs.

  • Nice one, love it!

  • one Million SUB's WOW

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