Is a Psychology Major Worth It?

Is a Psychology Major Worth It?

Psychoanalysis time

Is Psychology on the Verge of an Employment Crisis?


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  • JM7

    Can you make a video of should we pay for pussy? It involves economics😂

  • Look I just entered college with no plans what so ever. I am not bad at any one subject but I am also not very proficient in any one either. I am also not a passionate person since all I fucking do all day is watch YouTube,play games, and complain. You would just think I'm a fucking idiot that deserves to fail at life, but I'm begging you to try to help me get some sort of direction in my life. I really don't want to leave college without a degree that will almost be guaranteed to land me a job that would make my parents proud of me because all they've wanted was for me to graduate college and have a better life than them. I am avoiding the major problem by just getting the general ed classes first. what should I do?!?

  • M K

    On a semi-serious note, would you be willing to do a video on the utility of a Women's Studies/Gender Studies major?

  • Good video. Easy to watch & logically articulated message.


  • What about environmental sciences ? Is it worth it ? Or even a good field

  • Check out Is Women and Gender Studies Worth It:

  • No, not worth it unless you get a doctorate.

  • thanks

  • Is crime psychology a thing?

  • Can't believe that the "Shit People Tell Psych Majors" video doubles the views on this video rip.

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