Introduction to Forensic Psychology – Part II

Introduction to Forensic Psychology – Part II

Filmed at the California Southern University School of Behavioral Sciences. Please visit:

Presenter: Nhung Phan, PsyD

This dynamic presentation will outline forensic psychology, utilizing a much broader perspective than what is typically considered. Those only casually familiar with the field of forensic psychology commonly associate it with criminal profiling, serial murder and investigations. However, there are many more aspects to the field that are not typically exposed in the media. Dr. Phan will introduce and explore several of these areas of forensic psychology, with special focus on the primary testimonial roles of a forensic psychologist in court, including the psychological batteries conducted by psychologists in expert testimony. She will also discuss the evaluation of clients in clinical settings for differential diagnosing.

Learning Objectives:
Those who attend this lecture will understand and/or be able to identify:
– The essential tenets of forensic psychology.
– The primary roles of the psychologist in court.
– How psychological testing is introduced as a part of expert testimony.
– The variety of psychological inventories used in the criminal court system.

Dr. Nhung Phan earned her BA in psychology from California State University, Fullerton and received both her MA and PsyD in clinical forensic psychology from Alliant International University, in Irvine, California.

Dr. Phan is currently working as a project lead for the Orange County Community Cares Project, developing the program and building resources to create a collaborative system of private providers who will deliver pro bono mental health services to underserved and unserved individuals.

She has administered neuropsychological, psychological, intelligence and related mental health assessments for clients referred by Orange County clinics seeking help in diagnostic impressions and treatment plans. In addition, Dr. Phan has practiced at the Juvenile Drug Court in Orange, Calif., administering psychological tests and assessments to determine client eligibility for the court, in addition to conducting therapy with adolescents who were in the program.

In other roles, Dr. Phan practiced in an elementary school, providing counseling services for students who experienced behavioral or personal problems or difficulties with academics. In addition, she has provided psychotherapy in a clinic setting to geriatric clients suffering from dementia, pain associated with medical conditions and myriad other psychiatric disorders.


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  • Very interesting lecture. I have always been interested in Psychology and Forensic Psychology. I have always liked to analyze people and wanted to know why they acted in certain ways and why are some people more likely to commit crimes.

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