Intro to Psychology Lecture 1

Intro to Psychology Lecture 1

Intro to Psychology Lecture 1 Part 1


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  • thank you so much it is very helpful

  • G. Stanely Hall was a female the pic you showed was a male if i am not wrong ^_^

  • Psychology is a complete Joke of a subject! Its for the stupid and lazy! Psychologist are why the west is failing! I know i cannot grasp mathematics so i will do Psychology and call that Science Minus the language of science! Truly retarded

  • Clearly "Supernerd" hasn't got a clue as to the rigorous nature of psychology – and, would probably fail intro to stats. This kind of comment highlights the stigma of the field and the general publics misperceptions of psychology. I'd like to invite "Supernerd" to take an introduction to neuroscience class or biological psychology and then make a follow-up comment.

  • Thank you so much! This is really helpful.

  • Eric Silk I start learing a psychology by myself and help or advice can I be good at that subject?? thanks

  • I'm here learning as a freshmen in high school

  • Thank you for taking the time to post your videos. I was able to understand your presentation much better than my professor's.
    I am pursing a degree in communication and psychology– both of which get pejoratively referred to as "basking weaving" degrees:-/

  • thank u so much sir it was so help full but plzz sir make the a ppt of 2 chapter also methods of enquiry

  • why not all Indian teachers are making a website to upload their lectures of psychology instead mixing them with these foreigners disgusting english

  • Hi Eric as a professor, I like to believe that you know that Psych means soul and it doesn't mean mind!

  • What is the difference between literature and psychology ?

  • Come to my channel if you want to learn to

  • Like an episode of drunk history!

  • i'm here to learning fresher

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