Intro to Psychology – Crash Course Psychology #1

Intro to Psychology – Crash Course Psychology #1

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What does Psychology mean? Where does it come from? Hank gives you a 10 minute intro to one of the more tricky sciences and talks about some of the big names in the development of the field. Welcome to Crash Course Psychology!!!

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February 4, 2014 / 47 Comments / by / in
  • Crash course is contributing to me becoming batman

  • Could you please do a biology crash course on innate and learned behaviour and parts if plants

  • Tai Lopez. Brought me here.
    Edit: (Psychology)

  • I'm going to be a sophomore in high school this year and I was signed up for AP Psychology in school. This helped alot. Thank you❤

  • Also, can you do a crash course in music theory? I'm doing that course as well.

  • i like how everyone's commenting how they're watching this because they're genuinely interested and not because of school/exams. perhaps somebody is watching this because they have class which they took because of genuine interest in psychology and they want to learn even more in their free time?

  • Psychology stems from Greek, not Latin.

  • I'm gonna do it! I want to Learn about psychology, but there aren't many opportunities in ms, so here I am!

  • nah jk fool keep grinding

  • who is the father of Psychology and the father of modern psychology? Anyone who can help me?

  • The Brain Farts gave me life.

  • I'm just here tryna pass my ap psych class lmao

  • you speak too fast,I cannot able to get your words on my mind

  • Lol i came here from crime shows (aka CRIMINAL MINDS)

  • i got stuck with psychology and ap psychology on the same day and im just a freshman, anyone else have this? lol

  • I don't know if you are talking in a hurry or is just my mind that is too slow to follow with your speed of speaking.

  • Im sooooo gonna study this in college

  • I cant wait to start studying psychology.

  • He is good ✊📚💯

  • When your teac het tells you to watch the video

  • monday
    anyone here because of monday?

  • Good stuff, thank you so much, a lot of help. Just need to slow it down a liiiiitttle bit.

  • Thanks but ur speaking soo fast bro

  • thanks very much for Arabic subtitle ❤

  • love you hank! :*

  • Didn't even talk about the cocaine…

  • i want a air saxophone!

  • I'm crying out of happiness because THERES A CRASH COURSE ON PSYCHOLOGY

  • Generic comment about being the only one of something watching this because some reason. Notice me. If I don't comment on every video I watch then how can I know I exist? Answer: I don't, I'm just words on the screen, don't tell your brain….you'll be generic too……


  • I am a college student trying to pass all of my psychology test.

  • D S

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  • So am I crazy if I sometime just talk to myself in my head?…

  • Very informative video but i'd suggest that you talk a bit slower, and don't offer so many random distractions. It's hard to internalize all this info when we are given so many different things to focus on at such a rapid pace. Other then that, good video!

  • Thank you for this amazing crash crash course. It gave me a better perspective of my psy 1010 class. Please continue with these well needed videos


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  • Who else is her because of A. Procrastination and B. Just a general interest

  • Hey Guys, do you have a script containing all the contest that you develop in this video?

  • Why Negative YouTubers become More Known Than Positive YouTubers???

  • Great!! its really understandable..

    anyone have a curiosity about "Self", please kindly check this out

  • "I'm 16 and watching for fun!!!! HahA haaaaaaaAAAA"
    No one cares. Stop fishing for compliments by trying to show us how "smart" you are. When I was twelve I already knew that I wanted to be a psychologist, so I picked up some books and started reading. I didn't tell most people about it and I certainly didn't think I was smarter than my peers for following my interests. These videos could be understood by almost anyone, the way that they're formed, the graphics help invite younger audiences. You're part of the age demographic. Stop.

  • I like your voice

  • Crash Course – Psychology: Season 2 please.

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