Intersections of Psychology and Economics

Intersections of Psychology and Economics

Much has been said about the interaction between economics and psychology. With Prof. Singer we discuss the psychological research that informs cutting-edge economics as well as the psychological underpinnings of old models. She explains the key importance of understanding preferences and behavioral change.


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  • I wouldnt mind this talk to be much longer!
    Allowing real scientists (not "economists") to tackle economic questions, hopefully multidisciplinary, has awesome potential to bring sanity to centuries old ideological bullshit we call "economic science" today.
    Next stop: Universal Basic Income!

  • Neoliberalism is based on a series of false axioms which are reverse engineered a priori assumptions; by which I mean, you first determine the outcomes you want and then compose the relevant axioms. To discover who invented the pseudo-science of neoliberal economics one should ask qui bono?

  • Power with it!

    It is a wicked problem indeed!

  • It would be nice to have more information about the host in the description. By the way, thanks for the sober discussion!

  • What a fascinating lady.

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