Inside the Psychologist’s Studio with Steven Pinker

Inside the Psychologist’s Studio with Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker reflects on his storied career in psychological science. The interview with psychiatrist and author Sally Satel was recorded live at the 2015 APS Annual Convention in New York City.


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  • This is a re post. booooo
    Got me excited for nothing

  • jzc

    there is nothing in the world that would be more satisfying than taking shears to steve's mane

  • This was wonderfully thoughtful and inspiring. Thanks very much, Steven Pinker, Sally Satel, APS, film crew, and all who helped bring it together. Bravo!

  • steven thinker

  • What a thoughtful, serene, lucid, enlightened man! He's almost like an alien or a robot from the future sent to teach us….and then one finds out that he's an atheist, and you think, well yes, what else could he be? What is religion for, again? What does religion give you that Pinker doesn't already have? This calm, content, peaceful man.

  • Steven Pinker has renewed my hope for humanity. When I become frustrated with human stupidity and pettiness I think about his brilliance. The Better Angeles of Our Nature has given me an optimistic view on the course of civilization that soothes my soul (puts my mind at ease).

  • 4:35 "Enormous role of sheer randomness". I'm sorry to tell Mr.Pinker that sheer randomness doesn't exist in nature.

  • I lissa baker has extreme P.O.T.S. and would love to find a docter to study and possibly help me as I feel trapped in my decreasing mind

  • by far, the smartest man with a dave mustaine haircut

  • Pinkers a great scientist yet .. a bad lair. as he blames putin and middle east for the delay in social progress of the world. he totally misses the point that america is the most backward and violent nation on earth with jails chocker full … and mass racism and police violence ..

  • Sorry, I can't help posting this here. The "Süddeutsche Zeitung" is a relatively popular news magazine in Germany. A few years back they had an article about him, the "star intellectual" – lmao!

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