Influence Psychology on American Soldiers

Influence Psychology on American Soldiers

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In this episode of Vlogs Of Knowledge we cover something different. Influence psychology in the Korean War. The Chinese did something crazy to get the Americans to cooperate … History is so interesting! 🙂

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October 25, 2017 / 15 Comments / by / in
  • Favourite psychological fact is that you’re using it on us at this very moment XD

  • Great video as always!

  • Now to Influence Psychology of Feminists on Normies.

  • Very interesting! Also, if everybody in your group of people tend to have an opinion, you will likely change your own opinion in order to not stand out. Even if your fact is correct and other is wrong you will still change what you say.

  • Communism and capitalism aren't complete opposites. Lots of countries have mixed systems. Look at China, or Cuba, or The Mondragon corporations.

  • This is such a very very interesting video! All the psychology facts pretty much blew my mind. And you're right about it happening without you even knowing it! Amazing video!! 😀

  • cant understand u

  • Liked it before I started watching XD. If the Russians were in charge they would slaughter the fuck out of the American prisoners.

  • Interesting video, your other videos also seem fine enough. Subscribed!

  • another cool influence tool is the use of favors. If you ask a stranger to do a favor for you and you give them praise for completing it they will actually like you a lot more than if you were to just talk or if you were trying to gain respect another way

  • Hey what’s up sorry I haven’t been here in a while school has been crazy for a bit half to be back though.

  • I think that the true opposites are captalism and fascism

  • One tactic I use to influence people: I go into small amounts of debt with the sole purpose of paying them back. This garners trust which I can then use if I happen to be in a tough situation.

  • As someone who has taken a course in psychology, i feel i should politely correct you in that the psychology technique you described is called the "foot in door". it is a compliance technique used to get someone to comply with a large request by first getting them to do one or more smaller ones. as far as i am aware, there is no such thing as "start small, build big".

  • Ahhh so happy that you did a video on this! This is something I've always thought was very interesting. Influence psychology is one of my favorite things to study!

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