Industrial / Organizational Psychology

Industrial / Organizational Psychology

Dr. Albert Edwards III talks about Industrial / Organizational Psychology.


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  • What types of jobs does this degree offer? Sounds interesting.

  • @extazy17 You will mainly work for Companies and design strategies to improve workers effectiveness, overall income of the Business concerned.

    You will also be able to join prestigious Consulting Firms.

  • This video is helpful

  • This guy looks like he's about to cry

  • @hckyplr588 Remember that microexpressions could present as a result of habit, or be based upon thoughts & feelings temporally outside the conversation from which they are observed.

  • @undeadpresident lol a truly funny observation

  • @hckyplr588 oh yeaaah? what do you do for a living, hot shot

  • @hckyplr588 he made that microexpression because he knows what yelp(.)com says about The Chicago School of Professional Psychology… horribad

  • can you suggest some books or seminars on Industrial and organizational psychology?

  • do you need a PhD for this?

  • curiously yess

  • you can't see the terrorists behind the camera ^–^

  • Yeah or it's like his wife just left him and he just heard he is losing his job after this and is only doing it for the last paycheck before he gets thrown onto the street with nowhere to go.

  • Sounds like a very interesting job.

  • Hi, I am looking for someone with, at least, a BA in psychology who would be interested in participating (as an unpaid researcher) in a collaborative research project (a research paper for publication) exploring the prevalence of antisocial, and related patient harming, tendencies among North American healthcare professionals. There will be no required time commitments, deadlines, etc. You work on it as much or as little as you can/want. Contact me if you are interested.

  • I am researching job opportunities in my area to see what the market is. Could you tell me what type of job titles an I/O psychologist would have? Are there are big companies of I/O psychologists? Are they considered consultants? HR consultants only or Mangement consultants?

  • Do you know if body language reading is a big part of I/O Psychology?/ Could it be a big help? Just wondering if you knew. I'm trying to learn more details about this major.

  • This gentleman seems like he'd be a GREAT professor. Love his voice and his presence. Great information.

  • in reply to hckyplr588 :Thought I was the only one but I totally noticed a very subtle shift in his expression, from being confident to being a bit stiff. It almost seemed as though he wasn't convinced about his statement regarding the NEED for I/O psychologists; especially when he uttered the word, "need". Oh well, still taking it as my major.

  • So can someone who has a license in clinical psychology continue his studies as an i/o? I personally think that clinical psychology is wider then i/o psychology.

  • I'm adding this to the Organizational Psychology group on Facebook.

  • I want to become a clinical psychologist but I would also like to venture into I/O psychology sometime in my life time. would I need to go back and do a master's programme specifically for I/O psychology or do you think it wouldn't be necessary as I should have enough experience to venture into I/O psychology?

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