Indigenous Psychology Class 1 Intro

Indigenous Psychology Class 1 Intro



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  • Very Inlighhting! Informing, We were taught it was not righteous,
    I was always interested in the stars
    Astronomy.That and health etc. would be Fortunate!!

  • another Dr Ali Muhammad masterpiece.

  • Here's a brother who is not caught up with "sport and play".

  • how do i sign up ASAP

  • I see about the New Year, Happy New Year To You All 👥

  • Hi, got allot from the part1, no book, I got some of my cards, not in class still learned about Ansestors. Thank You

  • Cards stacked looks like Antennas the Towers that give single. Feeling this is oneWay they control us when birthdays come around! Sounds far fetched???☺

  • so if i'm in the 5th polarity then i'm ruled by the sun. would my planetary card be the same as my solar card (birth card)??? please if anyone could assist

  • Dr Ali I have a quick question. Why has academia gone through so much to attempt to suppress astrology as being a non productive science? What are they trying to hide from humanity?

  • Peace! 👥💜

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