Imposters: The psychology of pretending to be someone you’re not: Matthew Hornsey at TEDxUQ

Imposters: The psychology of pretending to be someone you’re not: Matthew Hornsey at TEDxUQ

Matthew Hornsey takes us into the adventures of some of the ballsiest imposters human kind have encountered, along with the romance and the lasting message they leave us. But the story doesn’t end there. As he delves into the psychology of imposters, this phenomena might be even more prevalent and we might be looking at an imposter when we look into the mirror.

Matthew is the Professor of Social Psychology in the School Psychology at the University of Queensland. Matthew’s primary research interest is in examining intragroup and intergroup relations in the context of identity threat. In this informative TEDx Talk, he examined the imposter phenomena in our society, and it might be more prevalent than you think!

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