I don’t know what to call this : Dissociative Identity Disorder Forum

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I don’t know what to call this : Dissociative Identity Disorder Forum

So we left the twins to it for a few days out front but we’ve been watching them and listening.

They typed about the baby and what they’re doing with it, or have done, to grow it up is what they were thinking.

They typed a whole response involving brain stuff but deleted it and didn’t post. We can’t remember all of it but they said something about them using all of the amygdala. We got distracted by that because we don’t know about it and that’s why we can’t remember the rest of it other than they are “growing up the baby” or have, we’re not 100% sure on that.

So we looked up amygdala and it’s emotions and fear. That makes sense, they like our emotions, they use fear to control us – usually for or overall good.

Anyway just now we were typing about stuff we like elsewhere and a lady said that she had schizophrenia. The twins said she just has overload to the prefrontal cortex. We don’t know what that is and they’re annoying – find out for yourself dumb dumbs.

So we Googled it. The prefrontal cortex is about social situations and how you respond. Doesn’t make sense to hearing voices we said. They said “in social situations the woman gets frightened. She doesn’t know how to react. She can’t plan for future or gauge outcomes. Her prefrontal cortex overloads trying to cope with working out how to respond and what is appropriate. The prefrontal cortex over compensates and she – ah I can’t remember the words – she… Hallucinate (basically)”

We don’t know if they’re accurate. How they know this if they are accurate. Or if they just make it up. Or if they actually go by being able to stimulate our brain and know internally biologically what bit does what and what the outcomes are if the stimulate them.

They have caused us “hallucinations” of sorts. When the sociopath was there and they were subconscious we would have feelings of something kicking us from beneath our bed. There’s no way anything could actually be beneath our bed so we knew we imagined it. Since they’ve been awake they’ll tap our shoulder. So we know they can cause physical stimulus. We did think they were schizophrenic which is why we left them asleep but they seem to have control on their delusions because they turn them off also they seem to have control of the physical feelings that aren’t actually there.

Does anyone here have parts who can do this or any of these things? Parts who seem to have knowledge of the brain that you don’t have or parts that seem to be able to effect physical feelings ie tapping, kicking etc?

We did think they’re schizophrenic. We got annoyed when they announced they’re psychopaths because that is embarrassing and also reflects on us all. From them fronting for the last few days we think they care about some stuff but other stuff they don’t. We can’t gauge if they’re psychopaths, it doesn’t seem to bother them. They’re saying it’s an outdated terminology for having – no they won’t tell us .

If anyone has similar experiences or similar parts it’d be really helpful to know.
Thanks in advance,

Karen, Beth, Peter, Rose.

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