Humanistic Psychology Third Force

Humanistic Psychology Third Force

An introduction to some basic ideas of Humanistic Psychology, Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow.


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  • great video 🙂

  • Nice, thanks

  • loved it!

  • Ideal society would be everyone being worshipped by others.

  • Total ridiculousness, utopian foolishness

  • Fairly interesting but "evolution" is an archaic blind faith belief that has long been totally refuted and demolished by modern science.

  • Thanks Daryl for putting this video. Thanks

  • A really nice video. But the last part I can't hear clearly…sad…

  • Although I am specialists in psychology, but I have found that presented gave me something new on the subject. Thank you

  • Awesome presentation, really complete and presented with the perfect voice tone…what a bliss!

  • Only downside to this video is the sound level. I have my laptop up all the way and I can barely hear it. Other than that great video.

  • Thank so much for this! Easy to follow and understand x

  • Thank you for the video but just a minor correction "The first force is behaviorism the second force is psychoanalysis"

  • This is so pathetic… The person who is trying to be idealistic version to be and is trying hard obviously is not happy. so he gets with the inner struggle to be perfect than happy. Obviously the person needs love or something.

  • Listening to this for my board exam!! ❤

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