How We Make Memories – Crash Course Psychology #13

How We Make Memories – Crash Course Psychology #13

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Remember that guy from 300? What was his name? ARG!!! It turns out our brains make and recall memories in different ways. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks about the way we do it, what damaging that process can do to us, and that guy… with the face and six pack…

Table of Contents
Encoding and Storing Memory 03:15:08
Implicit & Explicit Processing 04:46:03
Shallow & Deep Processing 07:27:03
Long-Term Storage 04:03:00

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May 5, 2014 / 49 Comments / by / in
  • where does the info get stored !?

  • leonidas is my cats name so……

  • I always remember far better when I see something visually. I remembered Leonidas best because I recalled the literal word on the screen and what font it was in (and of course, the film reference!). This is why I can pull my hair out reading a guide on how to do something, or can just watch a video tutorial and understand it straight away. I memorised the order of the first 151 Pokemon by memorising the actual order the sprites and coloured labels appeared on a listing on Bulbapedia.

    For my GCSEs, I had to read Great Expectations (which i found horrifically boring) and managed to read the entire book without taken in any of it. Then I watch the film adaptation and understood it after one watch.

  • No faceeeeee <3 sorry i love Spirited Away

  • Thank you for these! Honestly I've learnt more with these than I have at uni! especially the anatomy and physiology ones (:

  • So is this connected to my ability to quote the entire film school of rock but I can't remember how to do math

  • Test today…

  • "Except of course during the exam."
    He's talking to us, kids who are also cramming for the psychology test tomorrow.

  • I giggled at the beginning part when the guy was playing the piano.

  • who's Bernice?

  • CLIVE WEARING MEMORY deep superficial working, explicita, implicita, largo y corto plazo etc.

  • Hey the fish x3

  • noface you scared meee

  • It was literally Gerard Butler that committed the name Leonidas to memory …

  • 4:51 is Dual coding theory in a nutshell

  • WTF @ 520

  • the amount of information is 5-9 not 4-7 (Milner 1956)

  • It feels veeery meta as I sip tea and watch this at 2am for a psychology exam I have in the morning


  • Leonidus kicking a Bobo doll in a video about memory formation engrams is why I love Crash Course.

  • Fighting scare civilian meaning fund strengthen barrel pick remarkable suffer.

  • But how does this physically work? As neutrons firing does respresent information or its storage, in fact then produce chemicals the create emotion.

  • Thanks to the whole Team!

  • What about me bunch watching this. Will I remember?

  • I already knew the Spartan's name because I saw 300.

  • i only said leonidas like 3 times but i still remembered

  • Did no face pop up behind the chair or am I going mad?

  • Leon, eat us!

  • 5-9* bits

  • Thanks your energy is amazing

  • your videos are amazing as they are fun to watch and they cover a lot of stuff in my psychology as level

  • I'm relearning this video cuz I've got nothing from it the first I saw it.

  • our memories define us

  • ***CAREFUL*** – they are INPUTTING "innocent" elements as subliminal messages….. CHECK 5.22 minutes of the video….

  • that's a lot to remember in 10 minutes 😉 it couldn't have been splited into 2 videos! but still great jobs (I will re-watch and pause it!)

  • When i was a lot younger i touched a hot stove top three times after even when it burned me

  • The first 20 seconds are f**king hilarious.

  • I disliked the video… For the reason it does not go deeper, explanation is just superficial. If brain used to store memory than how people who have past life memory store it. Between lives they don't have brain when body dies

  • no one cares

  • Leonidas is actually the name of my cat because I love Greek culture and I've seen 300 more times than the 300 Spartans that marched to meet the Persians 😂

  • Leonidas is actually the name of my cat because I love Greek culture and I've seen 300 more times than the 300 Spartans that marched to meet the Persians 😂

  • I watched the video yesterday and try to remember the same name: Leonidas today and surpriselly I still remember hahahaha 🙂

  • what is the song in the beginning when they show the piano guy meeting his wife it seems so familiar.

  • Getting all the Memento vibes

  • has anybody dialed 867-5309?!

  • Heyy!! I really like your videos, can you add the references somewhere?? Thank you!


  • Cy

    Alter ego of iDubzz

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