How Valuable Are Psychology Graduate Degrees?

How Valuable Are Psychology Graduate Degrees?

Is there value to pursuing graduate degree in psychology? Mario sent us a video questioning his decision to pursue a phd in psychology after he finished his undergraduate. Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks and John Iadarola discuss on TYT University.

What other steps should students take before committing to a graduate degree? Do you have any advice for Mario? Let us know!

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May 18, 2012 / 38 Comments / by / in
  • Psychiatry requires med school

  • basically wasted my time watching this video. who are you talking to lady? you cant answer the question because you didn't ask a professional in the field. thanks for the unspecific answers that were obvious.

  • you need to distinguish between PSYCHIATRIST and PSYCHOLOGIST. The former go to med sch, which has nothing to do with graduate school

  • clicked on this video and they tell me to go on google, smart as fuck

  • He can be a clinical psychologist, a family therapist. work in the hospitals, or he can become a professor.

  • you look like you'd be a chill ass psychologist

  • This needs to be said. If you are wondering what you are going to do with your degree, you are already kind of screwed. Most college student don't put forth effort in deciding what they truly want to do and by the time that they have to decide, they are still confused. By no means am I saying that you will never be successful if your college experience was similar to what I described, it will just take you much longer and will likely cost more money if it even happens. The purpose of college is not only to learn but to also find out who you really are and what you really love doing. Missing out on either of those will ultimately delay your potential for success

  • Google it…..advice of the century!

  • there not worth the paper there written on

  • Qoi

    I am planning to get a major in psychology and get a degree in sociology. I'm not exactly sure haw double majors work or differences between minor and major, (I'm only a high schooler who just turned senior). I have been recommended social working, which I'm fine with, and want to be a clinical psychologist. But I'm still exploring different types of psychologists.

  • I declared my major in psychology and I am currently doing an associates degree program. After researching psych majors though I learned that all the ok paying jobs START with a bachalors. Even social workers are advised to have a masters to better the odds of getting hired. Which if I got a masters id rather teach psychology than be a social worker.

  • She's very pretty. She doesn't need too much make-up.

  • you cannot do psychiatric medicine with a psychology degree/ That is basically MEDICINE, with specialization in psychiatry. Not at all the same.

  • This vid is full of shit.
    Psychiatry isnt from psychology.
    A PhD or a PsyhD are around 6 years.
    You're not answering the question…. You're suggesting the person to Google it out instead of you giving him what he need.

  • Haters …lol

  • You need to go pre med as an undergrad to go into psychiatry.

  • OK, so full disclosure: ¬†I am a psychologist and faculty member at a university with graduate study in psychology available. ¬†There are MANY options, not just clinical or counseling. ¬†Job markets and grad study options vary widely among them. ¬†Interested students should do their homework: ¬†investigate the many divisions of the American Psychological Association, for example. ¬†Some areas like engineering psychology or industrial psychology feature well-paying opportunities and funded grad school. ¬†As in all things though, it is competitive! ¬†Good luck, all.

  • Omg lol this is funny. To be a Psychiatrist you have to graduate with a Bachelors in ether bio or chem. Then take a 4-5 year med school (which is hard to get into) –In those years you do not focus on your study. After graduating med school you attend a residency, this is where you will focus your study in phycology with medicine in those 3-6 years. Next is a fellowship for 2+ years. LOTS of work and I'm totally interested. haha. Personally I think what he should do if he is THAT interested in Psychology would be to look into Clinical Psychology. These people focus on that study for YEARS while Psychiatrist is a science nerd focusing on the body (Specifically the brain) more in depth with a wide branch of understanding of medicine to prevent and cure mental illnesses.

  • Drop out of psychobabble school and enroll into truck driving school. You can get an actual job driving a truck and you will make more money than a psychobabbler.

  • oh like googling wasn't an option for us !

  • You can't become a psychiatrist by studying psychology… A psychiatrist is medical doctor that's specialized in mental health and therefore he would need to go to med school.

  • Can someone please tell me what majors did they get? I don't want to have a career in making youtube videos.

  • psychology degree could probably be used for: Advertising account planner, Advice worker, Careers adviser, Counsellor, Human resources officer,¬† Market researcher,¬† Psychotherapist its not a complete write off.

  • Jeez that kid eats a lot of pot brownies lol hey didn't we all back then lol

  • M M

    They are not that valuable. Even a pHd in psych is not that valuable. What is the point of going to grad school an extra 6 years only to make 40k the rest of your life? and how are you gonna pay off that money with no good career at hand? It's not worth it

  • most states btw look it up in order to become a social worker as stated in the video you have to get your Bachelor's in social work which is REQUIRED. They will not accept a psych degree to be a social worker. States require that social workers hold a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from a school approved by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). Hence if you plan on becoming a social worker do NOT get a BA in psychology its a waste of money to do so.

  • I'm tired of people making degrees out like they are all good. you chose a bad degree and are in debt for it.

  • Okay I'm just going to clarify some things for people who genuinely are looking for good advice pertaining to majoring in psychology . 1) There are PLENTY of jobs that are out there for psychology majors. Psychology is the study of the human mind so any field that deals with people you can find a job in . That includes business , marketing, sales , finances, human resources, government jobs, management jobs, public relation jobs, etc you name it. Now the problem is most people don't understand how to market themselves to employers, which means explaining why you are good for a job (skills, work experience, educational background ) therfore their resumes suck and their interviews suck and they cannot get a job. THIS IS A PROBLEM FOR MANY COLLEGE GRADS NOT JUST PSYCHOLOGY.

  • 2) Many ,NOT ALL, jobs for counseling require a master's in psychology. When people think of psychology, typically these are the jobs they are thinking of. People also think of clinical jobs which deal with abnormal psychology and mental illness. You need to either possess a master in mental health counseling (certain positions will allow just a master's in psychology or counseling), a PhD, or Pysd in psychology to work in this field. The only clinical job that a person with a psychology bachelors degree can get doing clinical work is a mental health technicians. Mental health technicals are essentially people who help those people who have a master's in mental health psychology , a PhD/Psyd , and psychiatrist perform their jobs. This may include helping with group therapy, helping admister medication, and observing patience all under supervision.

  • 3) Psychiatrist are MEDICAL doctors who prescribe medication to patients with mental illness . Yes psychiatrist do have to go to med school. In order to get into medical school one must complete the medical school prerequisites (prerequisites may very from school to school). So, you do NOT have to have a certain major to get into medical school all you have to do is make sure you work the required classes into your undergrad or you can graduate and go back to school to take only the required courses. FYI med school is saturated with biology majors and those with nontraditional majors actually have a better chance of standing out to recruiters.

  • Best advice this video has is DO YOUR RESEARCH, not just for psychology majors, but ALL MAJORS. Make sure you know what jobs are going to be available to you after graduation . Also, if you decide to go to grad school or med school make sure you know exactly what you are in for and understand why you want to go (some people choose to do just a master's once assessing their goals and realizing a PHD isn't necessary). DON'T go back to school just because you can't find a job, go back to school because that's what you really want to do. In summation, what can you do with a psychology degree (or any degree for that matter) depends on what you want to do .

  • It is NOT extremely rough to get a job in psychology if you have a graduate degree. Jeez! Talk about misleading. You can be school psychologist, clinical psychologist, industrial/organizational psychologist, forensic psychologists and more. Many of the said professions have a shortage in the US. Take school psychology, there's a major, national shortage! These psychologists make decent money too (I'm one of them)! Now if you are asking with an undergrad degree in psych, then there's limited career options that is psychology-related, and the pay may not be great. However, once you have a Master's or a Doctorate? The sky is the limit. Typically if one wants to find a job in psychology, a graduate degree is required in a specific subfield of psychology.

  • OMG I'm so happy I stumbled to this video. The actual job as a Psychology is so much of my personality I been counseling family and friends since childhood. However I'm 34 and I just cant do debt in my life so I will stay on my current education course and find other tools¬†and¬†books to help myself, family and friends on my own time. Thanks for the reality check!

  • Can I be a occupational therapist with a psych degree?

  • yeah…look into it ask some people…

  • My EX from HS has a PHd in Psych and during her studies was under the belief that she would make $100,000/year immediately upon graduating. Well, she graduated with that PhD about 8 years ago and makes $50,000 per year as a school psychologist. I know this because she works for the state and the pay data is publicly available. I have a BS in Finance and was making that much in 3 years out of school.

  • Ok… first timer here watching this news show… great host, simple and effective, though interviews seem too brief and uninconspiculously scripted. Guest was very energetic and effective, however, some questions came to me. First, how many master and doctorate students that end up on state/federal government assistance were already actively seeking and/or receiving assistance? Secondly, there are "forgiveness" plans that can help initially with student loans, I would like to know your critical opinion of these plans, because in the right situation it seems that they do more good than detrimental harm.

    Thank you for your time,
    Jeff R.

  • This is true with any major, not just psychology. What exactly do biology, chemistry, physics majors do when they graduate? Graduate school, because many don't have the opulent opportunities that many business majors do in terms of job choices after they graduate. It's a shame how inaccurate this video is.

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