How to Stay Calm Consistently : Psychology & Mental Health

How to Stay Calm Consistently : Psychology & Mental Health

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Staying calm consistently requires you to keep a few very important things in mind. Learn how to stay calm consistently with help from a licensed marriage and family therapist in this free video clip.

Expert: Roberta Marowitz
Filmmaker: Andrew Stickel

Series Description: Whether you’re dealing with stress, nervousness or just want to help a spouse who is dealing with grief, each and everyone one of us could use a little help in these areas every now and again. Get tips on psychology and learn how to work in a variety of different situations with help from a licensed marriage and family therapist in this free video series.



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  • Thanks!

  • Im only 15 but suffer from extreme anxiety when I lose things or when I havent prepared for a test and it doesnt help the way I want to live as I go into overdrive and often cannot get to sleep. It really isnt helpful when somebody asks "What are you fretting about" it just makes things worse and often makes me get panic attacks

  • first view and I like this Lady… my way is to re-awake and find new words and reminder words of wisdom such as hers and the obvious word CALM will be coming out in my vocab more than may be even necessary … 01/01/15 needs newness …

  • I never used to do my homework because I had a serious procrastination problem. Then I would get stressed out because of getting bad grades. And now recently I have discovered that actually doing my homework when I'm stressed calms me down because I have to concentrate on that. Win win!

  • Why does she blink so much

  • i understand, but in some games you cant think slow you need to be quick!

  • Very helpful, thank you.

  • what if you broke you leg in dirt bike crash

  • Yes, I am calm. I grew up with a rageaholic.

    I talk with God all day long. For example: "God, please help me accomplish something today."
    (Currently I'm an under achiever because certain people block my goals of homeschooling so I'm just relaxing at home until my son is 16 and then I'll move on with him or without him; 6 years from now)

    I avoid certain selfish people or being in the car for a long time with selfish people.

    To be poised is to conquer myself. This is my goal.

    Your video was helpful.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you!

  • Useless

  • Very dark eyes O_O

  • since i was 7 iam stressed depressed disappointed and nothing works ive tried meditation spa day even a whole chocolate filled day but whatevr happens im still super angry at the world and disappointed at the universe

  • Good stuff 🙂

  • that was good.. thank you miss lovely <3

  • that was horrible I actually got me annoyed listening to her repeat the same words over and over and over again than I was before watching this

  • I'm a multitasker and DO NOT FOCUS at all

  • "we all have triggers"
    O _ O
    O  _   O

  • Hmm, think slow and breath deep that's it? Mostly the times when I need to calm down are the times when I need to think fast.

  • Hey relax!

  • I'm already a very calm and composed person but i want to be a master of it. Maybe I should try Zen meditation 🙂 thx ✋🏻

  • or just smoke a lot of weed

  • thank you for this video I've been very stressed lately and this did help keep me calm

  • Thankyou I've Been Crazy/Insane For My Whole Life and This Calmed me down

  • Csgo bring me here

  • thank you very helpful!!

  • I am a nine year old boy who's mother is on drugs so her mother raised me because my dad is a truck driver and never home and I wand my moms mom

  • I need to be calm cuz I want a cat and my parents said I need to be calm and do whatever I am asked to do to get the cat

  • in 6 minutes my results will be out wtf should I do ?

  • Hi,
    Your video is really helpful. But the thing with me is that I have to have different tricks all the time. For instance, if one time a song or small video or something else helped me staying calm and feel relaxed out of high stress, the other time it doesn't work well. Then I need to find some other core and more intense tricks like watching a movie or going on a long drive. In years now I see that I have to do different tricks most of the time. Anyway- your videos are really informative. Thank you.

  • you are a good person 😀😃😄😊☺😉😌😅🌈

  • fapping doesn't work it makes it worse, The guilt causes worry

  • Learned something. Thank you. Shared.

  • Sis, Dr.Please tell tips for self talk and rumination

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  • I get picked on a lot by my family and my boyfriend it's really hard for me to not burst out and start shouting and crying and wanting to hurt them with a weapon so I really need to learn calming methods any suggestions?

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  • concentration on one thing at a time, breathe in slowly

  • I need to know how to protect my self if someone tries to kidnap me and r A pE me. .

  • Is there a level above calmness? Is there more than calmness?

  • I’m naturally calm, so why am I here…

  • I smashed my table and tore my shirt off watching this video, GOOODDDDDDAMNIT!

  • U see iam a 12 yearbold boy and iam a calm and cool boy i almost take everything easy and the important plus point about me is i don't get angry which makes me very calm all day

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