How To Revise For A Level Psychology New Spec (A* Student Advice)

How To Revise For A Level Psychology New Spec (A* Student Advice)

A detailed video explaining the AQA psychology specification as well as an effective revision A* students have been using. You can download model essay answers for all the possible questions I mention here: –

Full article on Loopa is here:

Direct links to resources are here:

Paper 1 (AS and A level) is here:

Paper 2 (AS and A level) is here:

AS/A Level Psychology Unit 2 – Model Essay Answers 7181/2


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  • hi. if i buy paper 2 book would it cover the approaches, psychopathology and research methods?

  • sorry. also if i wanna model answers for the whole AS level spec only would i have to buy both of the books? or is there different book i can get?

  • Hi,

    Just one thing – you can't get 12 mark essays in Year 2 Psychology, only 8 markers (3 AO1, and 5 AO3) or 16 markers (6 AO1, 10 AO3.) The only time you can get a 12 mark essay is in Paper 2, on research methods if they were to ask you to design a study.

  • Really helpful !! But Where can I find past papers and mark schemes for the new spec ?

  • vaz

    I need an A in psychology but it feels like theres just so much to remember! I take biology as well but im finding it less content?! But anyways thanks for the video, helps so much! If there was a donate page I would lmao.

  • You sir, are a god amongst men. Thank you so much.

  • this is the most help I have received so far in my A levels! Thank you so much. Hopefully, i have a chance at scoring that predicted B.

  • Where are the past papers on your website? Thank you so much this helped so much x

  • Can you do a video like this on edexcel?

  • Finding it difficult to use past papers seeing as they are all based around the old spec, there are also only a limited amount of specimen papers available. What would you recommend is the best way to go about this?

  • Is 2 months before the exam enough time to learn it all?

  • Last year went from a D to B overall. If I worked a bit harder would have got an A. Thank you!

  • Hi Saj you see for paper 2 As aqa exam psychology can you please tell me the topics in it please because I'm hearing I don't have to do the humanistic approach

  • Hey Saj Devshi, Im taking A Level Psychology. However my Syllabus is VERY Different from what you are showing :/ Im doing the Cambridge International A Level, and for me my A2 Level is made up of Psychology of Health, Abnormality, Environment, Business and Learning and consists of only ONE Paper of 3hours, how come its so different?

  • It would be useful if you could cover edexcel psychology the new spec as well as AQA because im doing edexcel

  • You fucking legend

  • So basically what you need to do is get the Loopa guides and remember the crap out of them

  • where is biophchology in as?

  • In my school..if you don't get at least a C in as psychology you'd have to repeat the year ._.

  • When the essay may mix between topics can you plan for those??

  • when will A2 2017 predictions be out?

  • Hi! I can't find the past paper and mark scheme links – do you by any chance know where I could find them to make a booklet? Thanks!!

  • Wasnt a 'bit of' a bold head tbf

  • RT

    If I am going to continue psychology into A level – Should I revise for the AS model answers or the A level once for those that overlap?

  • This is so helpful, thankyou for making this video. I love the way you talk also, you're very real and down to Earth!

  • Do you provide any WJEC Eduqas material, or is it just AQA?

  • Exam on wednesday

  • Lun

  • ugh this is so annoyng ive been looking for revision videos and source to help with psychology but i cant seem to find anything my college is doing a welsh board called Eduqas and the is vitually nothing to help on youtube or their website can thesetips be used for a different board or do i just struggle and die

  • Are these available as textbooks as well, or just as ebooks?

  • do we appear for Cambridge exams in both years in Alevels like in AS also….

  • I might have missed it but I couldn't find research methods in both unit 1 and 2

  • If I'd like to sit the A level Psychology in 2018… I would only sit the three papers from A Level? Does anybody know the exact codes for these papers? I'm struggling to navigate AQA's website

  • A very helpful video, however, my only concern is that in one topic there are so many sub-topics and case how am I meant to remember all of these by the end of the year?

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