How to Recognize a Learning Disability | Child Psychology

How to Recognize a Learning Disability | Child Psychology

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Sometimes learning disabilities in children is not so obvious. We have to also remember that even the brightest children sometimes have some learning difficulties. So if it’s not obvious, here’s some of the things to look for if you suspect your child might have some struggle with aspects of learning.

First of all, sometimes children can read, but they have trouble with decoding. Sometimes your child reads beautifully, but they have difficulty with comprehension and understanding the main idea or concepts that they’re reading. Or, we can consider math, where a child who can solve even the most complex math problems, but they work very slowly, and sometimes they may miscalculate or make careless errors.

There are other types of learning disabilities other than reading and math. For instance, disorders of written expression. Sometimes children have a disconnect between their ability to share their creative ideas verbally and get them down on paper. If you see any discrepancies in your child’s potential and their performance and some subtle difficulties in the areas of reading, math or writing, please contact your teacher. And sit down and have a meeting and openly discuss your concerns.

If it is determined that there are some discrepancies in your child’s performance and their potential, contact your child’s school psychologist or guidance counselor, and let them guide you through the necessary steps to have your child evaluated or tested. It’s only through the proper evaluation and thorough and comprehension assessment of your child’s abilities can we determine if your child has a learning disability.

These are just a few of the steps to take to determine if your child has a learning disability.



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  • im aparently ld and im in ap classes get straight a's and am somehow still a dumbass. thanks howcast for crushing my dreams


  • ugly…so hard to listen to her

  • she acts really smug

  • its not that bad i have them as well. I mean it makes college alot harder and interacting with people too. Plus I cant spell very well at all.

  • not all teachers know how to do stuff like that. Most of them want nothing to do with a child with a learning disablelity

  • They said I had learning disabilities, and i did better then half my class!!!

  • lol. big deal

  • Its because i spell around the words that i cant spell.

  • by that I mean if i cant spell something i try and redo the sentence in a way that i can spell. πŸ˜› It dosnt always work but im doing well in college so far. My inclass writeing is horrable though.

  • /repeated headdesks
    All her videos I've watched are about things that I actually deal with every day, and this is one of them. The thing is she makes it seem like it's MY fault that I'm like this. You really think I enjoy failing math class because I'm disgraphic and discalculate?

  • I don't think she is smug or patronizing, but I did find it unsettling to watch her, it's something about the way this woman delivers her speech.

  • We'll I know i have learning disability bc I go to academic support

  • Why did the woman say that, in order to have a learning disability u have to have an average or above average IQ.

  • i found it so hard to watch this video. She is so smug and patronising

  • I have disabilities

  • What about an adult that was diagnosed with LD years ago as a toddler. How does that person go about finding out what kinds of disability's they are?

  • Apparently I have ld in some subject. I'm a total dumbass.

  • she's scary…

  • I have learning disabilities

  • I have learning disabilities it sucks :/

  • I think I have this because other people in my class of math learn the easiest thing in a snap but when I try I can't understand it at all.and i sometimes can't remember if my teacher taught me a certain lesson

  • What type of evaluation for learning disability ?

  • I have a learning disability i feel better knowing since i struggle with grades

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    of troubles! Check your kids!

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  • Good video πŸ‘

  • I have all of thos i know cuz my teachers

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