How to Read Psychology Textbooks

How to Read Psychology Textbooks

For all you psych majors out there, or if you are interested in taking a psychology class..this one is for you. I hope you enjoy! Oh and Happy Halloween!!!

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  • ana

    I still have not watched but I am excited you made a video….TMI, but I was getting ready to shower, it will be postponed until I watch the video, lol

  • Yay for Psychology series! Thanks for the videos Ana!

  • great video!

  • Hi Ana. Please make more Psychology videos. I'm in my final year and I wish that I had come across your videos sooner. Can you also make a video about planning/ structuring essays and dissertations please? You're fantastic. 🙂

  • which is the authorised book about Child Psychology..? (actually, I mean the best book that we can understand clearly:-) )

    help me plzzzzzz!!!

  • ana

    I have watched this video several times simply because I love the way you express yourself, how you are so detailed. you are simply amazing. I love how you are so selfless by being open about sharing your gems to help others succeed. we need more people like you.

  • Hello Ana,
    U r doing a really good job here with ur school,college videos.
    the habits the mindset
    it would really b appreciated

  • Hey Ana thanks for the video I'm taking psychology because is a requirement but my major is in computer systems and please do another one 🙂

  • Very helpful to me since I am taking my very first ever Psychology class.  I was feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information in this book.  Thank you!

  • am so glad to find your chanel ❤

  • Thank you , this is so helpful. Ive been trying to find a channel that focuses specifically on psych! Please MORE MORE MORE!!!

  • Thank you so much.. now I feel more energetic to study psychology. wish me the best 🙂 you're awesome anna

  • I just got my self Admitted in the Department of Psychology at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    Should I stay here? or should I change it for studying CSE/EEE?

  • This is a GREAT video! God bless you!!!!!!

  • very nice…helpffffffuull

  • Oh my goodness I know this is so late, but a psychology section sound fantastic because I am a psych major and struggling 🙂

  • thx ana dul set

  • which book is this???
    i mean the author?

  • Ana, can you do a video on how to ace Psychology exams?

  • i hv psychology as an optional subject .i will be going to class 12 in a months time can u tell me how to get more than 90% marks in psychology.while i read the tb i understand but i cant really reproduce that much in the paper

  • i am in the first year of psychology university . pleaase make more videos !

  • that ring tho,looks sharp

  • Brilliant advice, thank you! This is going to help me a lot 🙂

  • Emy

    hey! umm if I pursue sociology in the future, what kind of jobs will i most likely be able to get? my parents are telling me that I won't be having any good job based on it in my country
    true that here we dont need many psychologist and criminology based jobs too, but i love sociology in general X')
    I've done some research but they're all jobs that really arent needed soo yea…the risk of not getting jobs afterwards is high

  • thanks

  • PLZZZZ HELP…ma'am I had a question… Can an overconfident person do psychology??
    Secondly, how to convince my parents?????

  • ooo m&m's and Reeses!

  • Good

  • Psychology books are so tedious 🤦🏼‍♀️😥

  • Do you have a tattoo?

  • o my God your book is so colorful my book is like black and wight TV 😔😔…!

  • Oh my gosh. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

  • Ma'am can you suggest me a good psychology book in which I want every term in detail? I am an 11th class student… Please do help me !!!

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