Find out how to read anyone’s face and discover what personality traits might be hiding behind their facial features. Face reading is very useful for sales, and the ability to read faces can help you close business deals or give you something to do when you’re bored.


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  • With so many people getting plastic surgery. This will be useless sooner or later.

  • Where could be found more ???

  • so cool! I hope there will be another video

  • part 2

  • Beady eyes/weasel face = shady shifty weasel and cheater

  • the way someone looks has absolutely nothing to do with reading them. Only physical cues that they show do. Of all your videos, this one of you spreading some pretty inaccurate information falls to the bottom of the charts

  • Um…. aren't your facial features determined by your genes???

  • I think this is all because bologna

  • I feel like this part is sketchy.

  • Lmao Heisenberg?

  • Part 2!

  • fuck u,the nose thing is too accurate

  • but i dont understand, how did you come to these facial conclusions? has a study been conducted on each feature?

  • At 2:50 lol, I have a big nose and I'm a bartender. In fact, it got me through college and now I'm also an Electrical Engineer.

  • we want part 2

  • big nose=move up the ranks what about these niggas they all fucking up society and life

  • This is dumb.

  • He said the face is the first thing you notice about someone… But the first thing I notice is the booty.

    Because people are always turning backwards to me )':

  • Have you heard of genes?

  • I have done this since childhood. The nose is related to someone's sexual organs and sexual orientation and sexual addictions. The highth of the ears says a lot about that too, the proportions of the body waist and shoulders, forearms and the texture and color of the skin in above the cheek area.

  • This video is full of bad advice. Why not just judge people by the color of their skin or ethnic background.

  • Eugenics. An invention of the nazis

  • Yas do part 2 plz!!!

  • I can't believe the pseudo-science I'm hearing. 80% likelihood features of the face something nobody has control over will match their personality? My guess is that part two will tell us how to judge someone's character based on the color of their skin, right?

  • my nose is only big when i smile

  • Woww. This is so true for me.. Good Job.

  • Allot of people of are negative, you don't need to know them.

  • stupidest shit

  • part two please!

  • +FarFromAverage,

    I would love to know more about face-reading.

  • I don't get the connection,
    How can someone, whose genetics make up their appearance,
    Have their personality be read.
    My dog has a long nose, does it work with animals to?
    …..that would be a joke people..

  • What a load off shit.

  • and i was thinking i was being original u silly ….. where are u hiding all this time….

  • What if someone had a big nose but he didn't liked it and did a plastic surgery to make it smaller .. will he still be considered as a big nose personnality ?

  • who's theorist will support your video? i mean do you read theories of personality before creating this one?

  • Yes please make a part 2 to the video

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