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  • The part where they talk about shoes was so cool

  • DAMN! Well kept/Brand new is definitely me.

  • I would agree with intuition; it's a natural instinct we all have regardless of social status or background; basic judging of friend or foe. As an analyst by nature, I find the data in this video interesting. The test group was rather small, not inclusive of a variety of ages, etc. Ugly, expensive, boring are very much subjective. Situation and context need to be considered, personality types known for their ability to deceive, individuals trained to spot or engage in deceipt. A construction worker might find his shoes ok, if he got today's mud cleaned off. A CEO might need to have them look brand new. If you were to peg me by my shoes, you would be having a hard time. I have flip-flops, ankle and tall boots, "boring", well-kept, non-well kept, perceived expensive shoes (Coach, Steve Madden, e.g), comfy and painful shoes. Many women will endure the occasional pain for their favorite shoes. Flip-flops are great for the beach, pool, simple to slip on when in a hurry. My non-well kept, boring type of boots and other shoes are for yard work, snow shoveling, etc. I am thrifty person, bargain hunter, know where to shop. Paid a fraction of the retail price for my "expensive" stuff. 🙂 Ankle boots = ankle biter? Actually, a funny visual. I find them to be a great compromise between dress shoes that don't fit me, tall boots, AND you can wear them with pretty much everything. 🙂 Thanks for the video.

  • "You can't judge a book by its cover". Yes, you can actually, and you'd mostly be right to do so. The mind and the body are forces that rely on each other. If you are lazy, have no self respect, and little self discipline and neglect your body, that often results and being fat. Many people know this stuff.

  • There's Bill and he has a pair of all kind of shoes… What is he? A Social Ninja?🤔

  • What happens when ever I meet a person. Important or not…with in a few moments they spill everything out to me?

  • awesome

  • I don't really agree with the shoe thing because I change my shoes according to my outfit. Interesting analysis of the human character ☘️🌹

  • hahaha – that means that all those who call others names (antifa, BLM, moslems, and even many democrats, etc) such as neo-con, fascist, racist, etc are basically showing us themselves and what they think!  (it is called 'projection')

  • What about Facebook users who don't have either profile or cover photos? What can you tell about them?

  • What am I then? I have ankle boots, new shoes, well taken cared shoes, expensive shoes, cheap shoes, comfortable shoes, uncomfortable shoes, etc, etc..🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Yeah but how do you win the lottery?

  • Material stuff dont say anything about anyone to me, that only true if the other persons reading people like you. To me i throw people off all the time, one minute i be wearing my expensive shoe the next minute ill have on Kmart shoes and clothes. Next ill go to Salvation Army to fine some clothes, but im wearing a nice suite from the Mans Warehouse. Finally ill get into my Lamborghini and go watch a disney movie

  • Be aware that when you use technique based approaches they can hinder long term fulfilling relationships. The other person will be aware there is some agenda in the interaction.

  • Ummm i don't know wear expensive shoes but i have millions in my savings…….simple and humble shoe is the best for me.

  • the first one is not true… if yu really feel like smone is annoying or a certain way doesn't mean u r like that too!

  • Great info. Could be spoken a little less rushed. Thanks.

  • Can u make a video on Trump? I'd like to know what crazy term to label him

  • extremely insightful!

  • I was thinking "I love black boots and I'm not aggressive," but I went back and looked and it says "aggressive personality." I don't have that either. Also, I don't feel like any of the other shoe descriptions included mine…

  • military diet

  • Seems interesting but speaking way too fast… 😊

  • what about my profile picture?

  • For the first tip, I think I tend to view ppl negatively bc I've personally have had way more negative experiences with others, but I don't view myself negatively. Not normally anyway.

  • I love colorful shoes and I'm an introvert lol.

  • What's the visible difference between 'shoes that look new' and 'well-kept-/brand-new shoes' ?

  • What I earn is below the poverty line, but I save up for Birkenstock sandals which go for close to $200 a pair.

  • I met a guy with horns and goat's eyes. My gut said, Look out. But he talked so nicely. Then, with the help of this video, I looked at his shoes: He had none, just cloven hooves, so I figured he must be okay. Now I live with him in a very hot place, but I know most of the people here, who, by the way, are not very nice. It's not as bad as high school, though.

  • There's two simple questions you need in order to know someone's personality and even more of their life path just ask them their full name birth name and date of birth calculate their numerology and there you go you've got there personality right in your hands.

  • Read what i want you to read, puppet.

  • I choose not to own shoes,but use any old crappy footwear if foot protection is required,even just socks.
    What does that mean?

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