How to Never Run out of Things to Say – Keep a Conversation Flowing!

How to Never Run out of Things to Say – Keep a Conversation Flowing!

Are you trying to have a conversation with your crush or anyone else you may be nervous around and struggle with coming up with things to talk about? In this video we will give you a simple method to rely on when you fallback to small talk. There are 4 main small talk examples that will lead you to a better, more interesting conversation with anyone. Learn how to never run out of things to say with the FORD Method.


F: Family
O: Occupation
R: Recreation
D: Dreams

The simplicity of these four topics can be used to start and keep a conversation going with anyone, anywhere. I know a lot of my audience struggles with social awkwardness and especially with people that are attractive, but with some practice, you’ll get great at resorting to these. Small talk can be especially awkward if there is no direction of it. The FORD method will give you a sense of direction to ensure the conversation flows smoothly! Special thanks to ImprovementPill for this amazing video!

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  • Instructions unclear caught a case

  • Do you own a doghouse?

  • I think the comment section is more entertaining than this vid is "educating" 😛
    Don't waste your time here and go on The School of Life's channel instead; they make some good points on leading a conversation and have many interesting vids on various subjects in general.

  • 4:25 problem is, most people are boring AF

  • i do would like more videos of improvement pill and I would appreciate a video about REDIRECTING THE CONVERSATION (as he stated in the video) and FRAME CONTROL OF THE CONVERSATION

  • can u make one for the teenagers these days and millennials???

  • Me: why do you like rock climbing?

    Her: babe. I should tell u something. I have a penis

    Me: I like rock climbing too

  • The comments on this platform are so epic . Lmao 😂😂😂

  • *Follows you through the cemetery, jumps out in front to ask, "Hey, what do you want to accomplish before you die? I just thought of it because of all these tombstones and rotting corpses and what not."

  • The Ford method

    Gets a Toyota ad

  • Impressive..

  • Family – single child, trouble with parents
    Occupation – jobless
    Recreation – Shopping
    Dreams – marry some rich guy

    -> one of the worst kind to talk to…

  • Me: Hey
    Him: Hey!
    Me: So….what do you like to do for fun. Do have like, any hobbies or anything?
    Him: Uhh, yah. I like to watch sports, and play em too. I like hanging out with my friends, you know, just the usual stuff. What about you?
    Me: Ohh you know, just the usual stuff too. Mainly just watch youtube videos on how to keep a conversation going.

  • Me: So…do you like to do anything?
    Him: My name Jeff.

  • Most people's favorite subject is themselves so be interested in them and they will talk and talk.

  • Have you ever noticed when you scroll through the comments and EVERY SINGLE COMMENT has 500 likes or more?? It DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE AND IM SO CONFUSED

  • Me: "What is your dreams?"
    Girl:"it won't work on me 😑"

  • Me: you look like you come from a big family
    Her: my family’s dead
    Me: really, wow.
    Me: so… where do you work
    Her: I’m a hit man
    Me: wow, that sounds like fun.
    Me: what do u like doing, like a hobby?
    Her: whatch people sleepi-
    Me: alright see u later…..

  • Improvement Pill! 😃 This is a nice collaboration! Awesome information you too bring

  • hey.. wanna talk about your family?

  • What if her dad is a child molester (personal experience)

  • guy: you know you look like you come from a big family.
    girl: why?
    guy: you look haggard and stressed out.

  • thanks 🙂

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