Find out how to get any girl to like you using Product Theory, which basically means your the product, and the girl is the customer.

The ideas in this and future videos will help you look at things from a different perspective and help you make a girl want you with psychological tricks based around buyer psychology. Each idea is also based on the psychology of selling and will teach you how to sell anything to anyone. Many of these ideas come from Brian Tracy and other super-successful people, and they describe buyer psychology, which can be applied to how girls choose guys.


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  • And again an awesome informative video. Awesome work. But for being hornest I kind of missed an example in the last part where you talked about loss and gain, related to how to act or what to say. But still it is a very good video

  • The dramatic music makes this almost comical

  • great content as usual.

  • okay so how do i "resell" myself to that same girl?

  • That was really motivational thanks bro

  • Women bitching about men objectifying them while doing it themselves boldly.

  • hey FarFromAverage, can you make a video about what to talk about to others, such as friends,crushes, etc, or how to be an interesting person? thank you =D

  • 3:25 that pengiune! hahaah ,wonderful video! much love and respect,thank you for the lovely content!

  • I am 42 unemployed, uneducated, obese, bald, broke, in debt, have not much food, nowhere to live and I am with the hottest tight Asian girl now….we fuck every night – I guess it's because I can make her orgasm every-time we make love.

  • a product that can protect her and react perfectly and behave perfectly adaptable on different situations and more masculine with empathy, thats the product women wants.

  • Anyone ever see any fucking videos pertaining to how women can make men happy or earn to their approval? Neither have I. There is no man on the face of the earth who is good enough for the modern day princess bitch. Just ask Brad Pitt who is the sexiest man alive and is worth 400 million though still wasn't good enough for Angelina. Women see us as nothing more than disposable resource providers and will stay with you until they find the better deal​. In the end after they hit the wall they will wind up alone, unhappy, and unwanted with worn down pussies as a result of their pursuit to find the perfect man who does not exist. Men, stop submitting to the wants, desires, needs, and expectations of the modern day feminist bitch and don't measure your self worth from the amount of validation you receive from them. Don't be a simpering little bluepilled beta cuck mangina who puts these women up on pedestals for if you do you will be trampled on, abused, and kicked to the curb. Make them work for your affection dammit!!! Women don't fucking love us. They love what we can do for them and if you meet their expectations you fail the shittest since they lose respect for men who bow down to them and overcompensate for their inadequacies by being pathetic pussywhipped asskissers. Go MGTOW.

  • How do i hit it that a girl could lose me, i know how to show her what i got, social status and alpha male traits. But how can i make her scared that she might lose that(me)

  • stop calling us product bro…

  • you need a better drawing algorithm for shapes. the current one is too damn fake.

  • how do you know this shit lmao

  • Sounds like a very rotten deal. More like a scam actually.

  • MW

    Most guys only need a woman for 15-20 minutes per day.

  • This channel is F**k*ng amazing. these things do work in real life..

  • Dude, your videos are AWESOME !

  • Is far from average Hispanic

  • I hope this guy has a girlfriend

  • F girls. How to get rich or cure cancer, b's are nothing but a headache and mind games f dat

  • Thanks mate ! Its truly helpful. Ignore the other negative comments..

  • If you give everyone this information on Youtube, then it no-longer gives you an advantage to know it, because everyone knows it. This information is only useful if not many people know it.

  • Can you do some videos on how to tell if guys like you etc. you had one on subconscious things women do but most of your videos are targeted at men. Thank you 🌻:)

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