How To Find TRUE LOVE! The psychology behind love! @LayanBubbly

How To Find TRUE LOVE! The psychology behind love! @LayanBubbly







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May 16, 2017 / 25 Comments / by / in
  • no no baby, you actually have it wrong. You got the definition almost right but it's just not quite the answer. The answer to that is actually quite simpler than you think, and it's more easier do because it actually comes naturally. But the question i ask myself (if there is any) is "who am i?"

  • I know this isn't for "little boys" yet why am I watching this?! Probably because of those cat eyes which makes me crazy all the time!

  • Layan, I truly appreciate this video! You are indeed growing as a human being! Thank you for your continuous efforts to raise the level of self-analysis and consciousness! A "Red Pill" session, no doubt!

  • the question that I'm asking to myself everyday is whether I can live well in this world. but I don't understand why she asks this question ..?

  • Layan, you're AMAZING! The question I ask every day is; Why does age matter so much to my true Love? She KNOWS it's real yet can't seem to get past the age gap.

  • Hello baby 🙂 Hello from Transylvania 🙂

  • My question is when I am going to find true love :)))))))))))))))))))

  • Fun fact: I've got an exam on interpersonal attraction on 24th

    Other than that thank you for the video Layan, really appreciate it

  • This is probably the question I ask myself the most.
    "Am I wasting time here?"
    I try not to do things I don't need to that are distracting me from the important things but I catch myself on a regular basis still doing things that aren't quite as important as the other things that have to be done so I'm always asking myself this and even when I catch myself I sometimes make up excuses but really there's no excuse for it.

  • Am I only here to merely exist or am I here for a purpose? If purpose… what is it?

  • I kave another question where I am going to find these eyes :))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Diving deep once again… Question I ask myself the most is what to snack. Just kidding, it's who am I?

  • if i was in america, i would damage that pussy HARD. dont care about no age gap

  • You are sooo interesting! Can you make more video's about the law of attraction?

  • why did I loose my spark life and how to get back 🙁

  • ….true love is kind, patient, it sees potential with no physical judgements nor exclusive desires….true love only exists if people have a strong background and experience in commitment and sacrifice

  • I always ask myself: is this what will make you happy?

  • to find true love, first we must know what means true love. is it eternal unconditional love? is it possible to experience true love for several people? if it is true, is polygamy acceptable? does true love for someone mean to not be able to experience the same feeling for somebody else after sometime? if life is dynamic, everythinh is ever-changing, including love and lovers. if life is dynamic, then true love is temporary

  • Romantic love is just lust. If you want true love with the opposite sex find someone that you lust after and lusts after you. Once you lose lust someone will find someone else.

  • Thanks really this video made my day and you are my super woman today ❤️😍

  • The question I ask Myself is "Why am I doing certain things", "Is it worth the effort"

  • Where is the limit?

    every time i do something i always stuck with this question, will it be enough? is it ok to over do it? should i stop or should i keep going?

  • you have so many inspiring videos keep it up!!! thanks so much for always lifting me up bubbly! 💖

  • bubbly .. actually I met a girl …she proposed me…I loved her too…but as soon as I started getting desperate she found another bf…what should I do now…please reply

  • Layan Bubbly…. I watch your videos everyday and I ask myself why do I love ❤️ your nose ? Your nose is so beautiful 😍…. great video 👍keep up the strong 💪🏽 work 😊

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