How to fight extremist psychology with social media

How to fight extremist psychology with social media

How to fight extremist psychology with social media
Blurb: The internet and interconnectedness of the world has aided the spread of extremist ideologies like white supremacy. But researchers are seeking ways to turn social media into a megaphone for facts and alternative narratives as a way to turn people away from violence. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien reports.


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  • The best way if the government will stop to support and to sponsor terrorists oversee

  • I don't take advice from people who have to cover their heads!

  • BLM and Antifascist are just as much terrorists as white supremacist, neo-Nazi's and even ISIS , the Taliban, and Al-Quiada. Trump was not reluctant to call out the white supremacist, he just knew that Antifa was just as responsible for what occurred as the white supremacist were. If you will watch the video footage without the media edits, it is very clear that they were attacking that man's car. However, that wouldn't fit the liberal racist narrative.

  • You think its ok to force women to cover their heads you are a hypocritical bigot!

  • 4 degrees but cannot uncover her head thats empowering!

  • It is religious extremism right in your face and like your nose you cannot see it because of your political correctness!

  • What David Duke supports is irrelevant.
    What current idiotic gorillas think, or reformed idiotic gorillas once thought, is irrelevant.

    PBS NewsHour, NPR, the New York Times will remain unworthy of attention from the intellectually honest (regarding this subject) so long as serious thinkers from the right and serious thinkers from the left are kept out of the spotlight.

    Interview Paul Gottfried, or just don't cover this topic. You are an embarrassment.

  • Comments turned on again PBS? I think that's a good move.

  • PSA: Please don't reply to obvious trolls. Just downvote and move on. Youtube's and others' commenting algorithms boost posts that generate discussion, which is why you often see inaccurate, inflammatory comments at the top of the feed: people naturally want to disagree with them. These placements influence opinion… and they know this. (They're manipulating you.)

  • "White christians extremists and brown muslim extremeists are cut from the same cloth"

    Things that white people don't want to hear for $500 Alex.

  • Pizzagate … thanks a lot to Zuckerberg of Facebook <= sarcasm

  • Someone send this video to Phil Anselmo  02:05

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