Find out how to charm anyone with these psychological tricks. Charisma is actually a skill that you can learn, and if you don’t believe me, ask Charlie, from Charisma On Command — dude knows his stuff!

Once you learn how to be charismatic, you’ll have a much easier time flirting with women or girls, and you will be able to display the body language needed to be more likeable.

The ability to be charming will make you more attractive to everyone around you and teach you how to be memorable. You can use learned charisma to increase your influence, improve communication and step your game up when you talk to girls.


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  • He works for the pizza hut. No He has beatification point on life. Keep up the good work.

  • I can become charming if I become a slice of pizza

  • This is awesome video … Thank you very very much.

  • gran video, 5/7 lo volveria a ver

  • I'm going to hit tons of chicks today at the mall.

  • New life goal: become a pizza

  • Italians are charming because we talk with our hands 😂👌🏼

  • I'm a personal expression and communication skills coach for employees of high level CEO's.  I don't know who Charlie is but if you are learning your "stuff" from Charlie and paying Charlie, ditch him stat.  Never, never, ever interject disgusting comments like the one you said about the President of the United States, Trump.  If you ever said something like that in one of my training classes they'd find you on Mars.  Wise up!

  • Ohhhh my god the kerning in this video does not satisfy my mind 😣 this is a visual video so please don't make it visually painful

  • Imagine how many less people will get freind zoned from watching this video

  • whaaaaa……..??????? ……grabbing crotches isn't charming?? sigh…….

  • Dull

  • Great post , agree with most of it apart from the whole clothes thing , as long as your clothes are clean , tidy & fit well that's all that should matter , i mean really , you must have brand name clothes ? , naa someone who rejects me for not having "Expensive" or "fashionable" enough clothes is a good thing i think , kind of a shallow person who will write you off for this

  • So to charm others just have money. Lol. True tho

  • notice how Charlie (over 1 million subs) never makes comments that pander to a certain political side and isolate the other. Charm tip for this guy

  • Trump never said he grabs women by the crotch. You should listen to what he REALLY said. What he said was that when you are a celebrity, women offer themselves up to you completely. They'll even "let" you grab them by the crotch. This is NOT as it has been spun by the Leftist propaganda machine that is gaslighting everyone – including YOU.

  • It's also good to be clean and well groomed it also not be offensive to other people because you feel that your opinions or the right way to think so that's where the mine comes in that you're thinking is personal and that other peoples also is their personal opinions and you have to go from there it's Leica debating

  • Learn non-sexual touch and don't pull a Donald Trump 😂

  • Well, I actually don't really like it much when they call my name.

  • What the fuc!!! does Trump have to do with any of this ur full of 💩💩💩💩💩

  • What the fuc!!! does Trump have to do with any of this ur full of 💩💩💩💩💩

  • "…THEY let you grab them by the pussy". Big difference from "going around grabbing them by their private parts". More importantly, why throw in Trump? Being compared to a pizza is bad enough.

  • Number 1: this info is only useful if not everyone knows it, and number 2: if you are part of the few who do. If you tell everyone this info on youtube, then the advantage of knowing it is gone. Everyone walks around thinking they now have an advantage, but they dont realise that everyone has watched the same video.

  • Desires,,,the ego,,the false self. Money is freedom?//:(

  • I thought Flattery gets you, your every Desire

  • Suck up … Kiss ass… Nah I'm over that …

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