How to Become Vegan, Change, The Vegan Habit, Psychology

How to Become Vegan, Change, The Vegan Habit, Psychology

I’m a vegan, a positive psychologist and a person looking for ways to help out people better their lives by changing their habit. This youtube channel is my new attempt to inspire those who love animals and to support those who want to transition. Do you have an inspiring vegan story? Please get in touch. Let’s inspire together! 😍


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  • I’m currently transitioning back to being a veggie one of my kids is vegan and one is veggie. Not really vegan related but my big habit I’d like to change is the “need” for a sweet treat after my main meal even if I’m full.

  • Congratulations on your new channel. It is really bright and lovely to see. Thankyou for sharing your story. I run a rescue and completely relate to what you are saying.

  • Hi dear Öykü!

    I am very willing to change my eating habits and get to know more about veganism.

    I feel "vegan at my heart" and yet obviously do not know enough about the vegan habits in order to be able to start adapting them.

    I am always very inspired by consciousness and I inspire to become a conscious consumer, food and life vise.

    This is just a bit about me.

    Looking forward for the next videos!

    Thank you!


  • Congratz New Channel ^^

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