how to become successful by destroying your ego(psychology)

how to become successful by destroying your ego(psychology)

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The 50th law =
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August 25, 2017 / 17 Comments / by / in
  • I keep paying high data charges from my home country in Africa to watch your videos and others like this. And I always end up being glad that I did.
    Continue with the good stuff

  • South african accent

  • Great video dude. I like your animation style in this one👍 Great message too🙂

  • This is so Brian Tracy here , I am practicing this journal thing , and it;s like I my self a mentor , like my conscious is watching me from a third perspective .

  • soft skills

  • Representing S.A man! Your videos are cracking, subcription earned

  • Nice work 💪

  • Hey Bro I Like your channel.keep going.

  • Given the light of Edward Snowden and several other whistleblowers that came out against the NSA, DoD, to the CIA gathering all the matadata on every US patron, which is then sold to commercial competitors to market, buy and sell people's information, etc., it is utterly insipid to have a online journal. And let's not forget about the number 1 cyber problem in the world wide web is IDENITITY THEFT. Why don't you just draw a map along with rendering the longitude and latitude of your bank account(s) and asset(s) while you're pushing the niavity. All personal habits, rituals, or practices should not be placed online. Why? Because the person is given the hackers and DOD your daily schedule.

  • Good one bro

  • Peace will cost you your strength, victory will defeat you.

  • Interesting, what people do by "killing their egos" I call it "letting the ego to progress into an ego of better quality". Everything is done out of selfish reasons.

  • Be Honest with yourself.

  • Or you know just do psychedelics…

  • Objectivity is critical…. And almost impossible haha!

  • Thanks dude. Great value!

  • Dis guy knows whatsup

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