How To Become A Forensic Psychologist – Psychology Careers

How To Become A Forensic Psychologist – Psychology Careers How to become a Forensic Psychologist. The qualifications stated on how to become a Forensic Psychologist can sometimes vary depending on the location where you are planning to work. Thereby, determine where you want to work first.

Job Description

Evaluating and testing patients that have been incarcerated or prosecuted
Giving expert testimony in court
Supporting law enforcement agencies

Skills Requirement

Ability to deal with others with sensitivity and compassion
Must be able to communicate clearly with a variety of people
Observing and interpreting how people act or behave

Education Requirement

4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice
2 to 3-year Master’s Degree in Psychology
2 to 3-year Doctor’s Degree in Psychology

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Information on how to become a Forensic Psychologist can be located online. Schools, which offer Forensic Psychologist programs, can also provide information to aspiring Forensic Psychologists.



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  • This is not entirely accurate. Unfortunately, there is no one course of education for a forensic psychologist. You can get a BA in psychology, perhaps double major in criminal justice or minor. Then comes a Ph.d and specialization.

  • @AlinaAnn yeah ive been looking into that as well. apparently the most common path is a BS hons in psychology and a masters in forensic psychology plus 2 years relevant experience to become a chartered forensic psychologist with the BPS.

  • @AlinaAnn how funny we have similar names? well, if you re volunteering you re half way there! dont give up. the bps acceps any kind of relevant experience as long as its proven and in the area of criminality/forensics. i have been quite disheartened as my only experience in life is in childcare!
    i need to start looking into volunteer work too. i hope things work out for you, forensics is the easiest path in psychology as far as the required training. continues…

  • @alinecalves continued.. clinical psyc you need a doctorate, educational you need a teaching qualification and the masters, counseling is overly saturated! im 30 now and see im prob gonna have to study another 6 years before qualifying fully! i hopethings work out well for you! good luck!

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  • Just an FYI to people interested in pursuing this career: you don't need to go to a criminal justice school to become a forensic psychologist.

  • @Davidace327 Do you know if the 2 to 3 years of Master's degree level psychology has to concentrated on Forensic Psychology specifically?

  • @CJLabay1 That's something that varies between schools. Some schools offer certificates that could be completed while you're doing your undergrad, others are different. I'd advise you to contact the psychology department of your school, I'm sure they're more than prepared to answer your questions. 🙂

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  • Can anyone tell me if the education requirements part means you need one or more of those degrees or all of them?
    I really hope it's not all… haha
    but you also need some form of experience with that area of work

  • Good field ?

  • Can i do a 3 year undergraduate course in criminology/psychology them move onto a masters degree in psychology and so on to become a forensic psychologist

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