Find how how to be more attractive and use these 3 psychological tricks to instantly increase your attractiveness. Works for girls and guys but recommended for guys.


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  • I wanna be a fuck boi. How do I go about doing that?

  • I;m not that shy and usually quite outgoing and very good conversationalist but I am not in demand and don;t know a lot of people anymore since I got ill 3 years ago,many people have vanished. So how can I impress this one girl I think is lovely?

  • hi, i'm ariel! i live in Venezuela and i'm learning english, my level is intermediate-upper and i can understand well but i want to improve my speaking and listening. i'd like to practice with you (only if you are available) my id on skype is Lozadariel

  • so will there be one on manipulating boys? (please)

  • I tell ya the more you tell a woman you don't want no relationship and deflect their advances they just increase it!

  • Some of these tips are good, but most of them are plain shallow and not working. Just check out the reactions of girls below.

    The main point is that you're missing the effect of true confidence. For instance, if you're able to show without any fear or hesitation to a girl that you like her, there's not a problem getting them to like you. For great examples, check out the YouTube account 'ThatWasEpic'.

  • I hate everything about the supposed psychology of attraction, it's methods, all of it. I think the thing you need to remember is that most females, are idiots, and most males, are idiots, and really, who knows or cares what they think? If you really want a girl, you just go get her, that's it, that's the secret, that's the thing under-stated in this videos, you want her, go after her, pursue her, persuade her, if she doesn't like you back, then move on, 7 billion people on earth, you'll be fine, she'll be fine nobody loses.

    Stop treating this shit like you're improving your percentages, what nonsense, this isn't the 100 Meter mens finals where extracting every single percent of efficiency is what distinguishes 1st place from 10th place, more often than not it's some loud, uncomfortable bar, party or club and all you really need to do is go over, introduce yourself, ask her for a dance, and then talk to her and see what sort of person she is.

    Everybody is flattered by a stranger coming up to them and showing an interest. Everybody.

  • I love your ideas and the thoroughness with which you explain them. I wish you would make a video or two targeted toward just females from the male perspective. What psychological tools do females have to charm males (aside from being beautiful)?

  • These can backfire BAD, and good people wouldn't do this. It's sleazy.

  • oh fuck off

  • this would just piss me off and id be gone

  • LDB


  • Lots of butthurt women here xD

  • women are far more manipulative than men and play more games.but if guys even think about playing the same game their pigs now that's fucked up

  • I laugh when all of the girls say ''this would never work on me''. Most people are lead by their ego and are acting through their subconscious. Unless you have learned how to bring unconscious thought back into the conscious, then this will definitely work on you.

  • This is total BS! If a girl likes a guy and he does this, if she's intelligent she'll walk away. An intelligent girl will say "if you need to choose between me and another, DON'T CHOOSE ME!"… this stuff works on low EQ / IQ girls – and I guess they're less of a challenge for guys, so if this is what you want to do and you like less intelligent girls… then GO FOR IT !!! πŸ˜‰

  • this is not good advice at all, i have a co worker now who i was talking too,he was trying to make me jealous by flirting, with one of my close female co workers, and it turned me completely off, and now everytime we are alone, he always ask why i dont answer his phone calls or text, i just tell him ive been super busy,πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„hes such a goofy clown, and a turn off.

  • can you do videos about atracting a girl to a girl?

  • misleading title but the content is good

  • hot girl only get 10 but the other girl on the right gets 113 ? she must be super hot

  • argh the level of heteronormativity -.-

  • im worth about 4mill and i have an 8in penis

  • There's only one way you're going to make yourself instantly attractive, and that is to get rich….
    It's the only language girls of today know…

  • Why is this on my recomemded list??? I am not a loser..

  • T A C T I C A L T E C H N I Q U E S

  • Intelligence makes a man more attractiveπŸ’―

  • I did step 2 on accident πŸ˜‚

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  • This works on young, insecure girls. Any grown ass woman would laugh at your games. You treat women like shit.

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  • FaeFromaverage, why you put scary movie music on your videos?

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  • The girls in my class keeps looking at me what does this mean?

  • Dude, really like your other vids but you got a cpl B I G
    One example, "Don't show a girl you that you like her"?!? Wt*??!? A girl you cannot show at least a little in the beginning you like her, well she's no longer called a girl anymore; she is called a bitch. 😎 Although I do agree that yeah, desperation is not at all attractive, so keep it in check. You'll know if she digs you back- TRUST me. I have had many hot &/or bitch girlfriends, & you will know. But to a confident, nice, pretty girl, also trust, that in the beginning a guy falling all over you, is scary as s**t! It's give & take flirting, not "I want you to have my children…." in the first 3 mins. And it's sorta like the guys equivalent to their girlfriend's ugly, drunk, cry, is to them. 😘

  • I will not like this video, to make you more interested 😈😝 Keep goin' bro, great vid!

  • Dude how I know she is slightly attracted to me.

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  • Have a big bank account… atractivness goes up the more money you have

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