How To Apply The DSM V (Ambition Part 3)

How To Apply The DSM V (Ambition Part 3)

PinstripeHourglass comes through with the sanest episode of the Ambition series yet. Is a guy who straps dynamite to his chest and yells “There’s nobody home” before jumping out a window crazy? Only an advanced psychologist knows the answer to this brain buster!


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  • 2:44 There's your profile pic.

  • The truth is like ogres.

  • i just saw part 3 and just saw part 12 in the sidebar… this is going to be a good day 🙂

  • To be fair, it would be considered temporary insanity so I won't think he's crazy for what he did.
    Him talking over and over and over about the Lord I would say is crazy. Don't care what religion you are, but that's not something a sane person would bring up over and over and over again.

    Note to those that don't get it: Yes. I'm calling extremists insane as fuck.

  • ill never understand why psychotic is so popular an adjective for erratic and strange behavior yet the actual mental illness "psychosis" is never uttered. 
    is it a hip buzzword? who cares what it means as long as it sounds kool?

  • "This is the original script to Ted"

    I know Betus was just kidding, but I honestly find Ambition way more entertaining than that piece of shit movie, even if for the wrong reasons.

  • @2:45 FUNNY!!! XDDD

  • Good god, Ted is definitely in my top 3 most hated characters. God he is awful. It's like Peggy Hill but in a bizarro universe that actually idealize him somehow!

  • 2:44 Thank you, Mr. Gibson, that's exactly the cherry we needed to put on the top of this shit sundae.

  • I always come back to this for 2:45.

  • Even if you're trying to follow the "plot" of Ambition, this episode can be completely ignored. You don't learn anything relevant to subsequent episodes here aside from confirmation of Yale and Angie's affair, which gets reintroduced in the next episode anyway. The game treats declaring Ted as being aware of reality as the correct ending, but he's declared as suffering from delusions in the next episode anyway. Even the idea of Ted's temporary insanity from what he woke up to is retconned by episode 6 with the Deus Ex Machina of Paxwic, which, contrary to what the prosecutor said in episode 10, wasn't brought up by Angie at Ted's trial. All this episode really is is Ted rambling on, trying to sound intelligent, much like Michael Gibson himself.

    Also, 9:53: "What the hell is your problem?!!!!"
    What's my problem? All I did was walk of the room of the psychological assessment, it's not my fault you happened to be cheating on your wife right outside. Man, I hate Yale.

  • I do't know much about the Canadian justice system, but do they really make prisoners wear hot pink uniforms?

  • This onion analogy would make sense if it was in any other crime procedural, but it does not work in this series. This game will change the truth at any given moment with intense ass pulls just so they can go "Ha! Bet you didn't expect that!" There's absolutely no consistency. When you peel a layer of an onion it doesn't turn into an apple, it stays consistently an onion. A more apt analogy they could have used for this series would be "The pursuit of truth is like an Easter Egg with human shit in it. It looks harmless on the outside but peel away that layer and you'll find something completely unexpected that shouldn't be there at all."

  • 2:19 onions have layers, ogres have layers

  • "The only way to decide is to know if the perpetrator is good or evil. If the person is evil; it doesn't matter how reasonable an explanation he offers. Conversely if the person is good you might question his methods but his intent is not criminal."

    So basically by Ted's logic Walter White from Breaking Bad is a martyr for all the shit he's done, and the Ambition series is the Breaking Bad of Newgrounds.

  • How long until slowbeef straps a bomb to his chest so he can be a true good father

  • no, Ted, if I woke up to find blood everywhere and my (hypothetical) children missing, I would call the police. I would not rush out to threaten office workers with a bomb.

  • I've just noticed… It really didn't take long for Gibson to bust out Godwin's Law, dude compared the nazis to what Ted was going through… What an asshole.

  • Tell-Tale, eat your heart out!

  • With how he insanely rants about "god" there is no way Ted can be declared insane. What's to stop him from doing the same thing at some point while screaming that "god" told him to blow up the evil people or whatever?

  • It's very hard to invest in this fictional epic story when you're changing the character you play as 24/7. Especially when you never even see your characters again etc.

  • You know guys, it might be important to remember a little more of what happened in previous games. So that when you make a joke, it's not only funny but also relevant to what was happening.

  • Not a very good evaluation. We really didn't discovered any new information. Nor was the assessment accurate or efficient in demonstrating whether he was insane or not.

  • 7:00 He didn't compare bank robbers to Nazis, he was saying that they were both immoral (regardless of the degree of immorality), and thus that it is not immoral to use violence to stop them.

  • "Is someone writing a college essay?"
    Given all the misspellings and swapped out thesaurus words, maybe a community college.

  • 02:4402:55 – Ok Ted, what the hell did you smoke before I entered the room?

  • "Pretentiousness the game" – with completely unlikable characters. ^^

  • There needs to be an Ambition-Xin crossover; only to see Ted get Strong Rushmoor'd.

  • Is Michael Gibson the David Lynch of flash games?

  • "If the person is good you might question his methods, but his intent is not criminal"… Says the guy who claims to be a good person, but was threatening and willing to blow up innocent civilians just because they couldn't understand his incoherent babbling. I would call that criminal… and mentally insane.

  • This episode was the moment I realized Ambition was a winner.

    Jesus, 3 years ago.

  • despite threatening random people with a bomb, i am a good father. the truth is so much more complicated than "good" and "bad"
    [15 seconds later]

  • I can't help but picture the guy as a ghoul from Fallout

  • Oh no, my children are missing and my house is filled with blood! I better strap a bomb to my chest and threaten to blow up a building!
    – A very sane and rational father.

  • This is some of the most ludicrous, poorly written, pretentious garbage I've ever seen. But Ted's speeches had me howling with laughter a few times.

  • It's like having an argument with a YouTube commenter, jeez.

  • In this episode alone, the (supposedly) sober Ted shows several signs of 1) Adult antisocial behavior, 2) Conduct disorder, 3) Histrionic personality disorder, 4) Persecutory delusions and 5) Transvestic fetishism

    Verdict? TOTALLY SANE! 2 / 5 people found this psychological assessment helpful

  • Did Beef and Betus forget that temporary insanity is a thing?

  • ok, from someone with a dissociative disorder, ted needs to be further observed. there's no such thing as just one dissociative episode. what's more, his philosophies should be further challenged to see if he has a delusion of being a prophet or perhaps hears the voice of God. Jeanne D'Arc was thought to be schizophrenic for that reason alone.

    michael gibson, don't pursue psychology.

  • I am honestly impressed at how much utter contempt the writer is able to summon in me.

  • Why is Ted's head turned the entire time he looks at us? Fucking awful animation.

  • At 2:47 – Is that Chad Kroeger????

  • The suicide Bomber is DSP, isn't it?

  • So he read half an article on psychology and made a whole series around what he thought he read.

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