How Does the Brain Work? – Human Cognition | PSYCHOLOGY & BRAIN SCIENCE VIDEO

How Does the Brain Work? – Human Cognition | PSYCHOLOGY & BRAIN SCIENCE VIDEO

How Does the Brain Work? – Human Cognition | PSYCHOLOGY & BRAIN SCIENCE
The Brain’s Inner Workings – HUMAN COGNITION – National Institutes of Health
Video from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) – this video narrated by Tom Bosley looks at the neurological basis of higher brain function. Learn how different human behaviors and functions can be isolated to specific areas of the brain, and how with the help of imaging techniques like MRI we can visualize brain activity in a way that gives insight into how the brain functions and allows scientists to develop treatment methods for various mental illnesses in the future. (The Brain’s Inner Workings – Part 2: Cognition)

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  • The voice is reminding me of David the Gnome…  But interesting nonetheless.

  • I suggest as subjectively appear… Appear larger than life by otherwise viewed… Seriously… The research n alL what loonies may imagine real in their ever so misunderstood – N not their own to -mind. Like Lestat. Stick to rats. :')':

  • Is this fake? Make sure it is not guys 😀

  • mind and brain r the greatest thing ever live

  • Very informative. Thanks for posting it to YouTube.

  • nice

  • this video help me a lot thanks for the posting………

  • sounds like they don't know anything about how the brain works

  • This video was a whole lot of nothing…

  • the 1 question im trying to get answered is , is it possible to overwork the human brain , essential thinking yourself to death?

  • Not without due meditation on the Soul.

  • wow these people know a lot about the brain….brains!!

  • Great Hasan Sb….

  • seriously, this video is federal dollars put to good use. too bad our government cant invest in something worth all of the taxpayer's hard work more often.

  • somebody redirect me to Part 1. thank you!

  • Anyone else here for option 5?

  • Hmmm…I didn't hear one thing that might suggest that the brain is actually a trans-dimensional interface device that allows our "spirit' or 'soul' to interact with the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Perhaps these scientists haven't evolved to that understanding as of yet. 😉

  • how to download it now?????

  • Anyone knows where to find visualization of neural pathway? Maybe from sensory to motor action, or just when implementing internal thinking and imagination. This video almost showed it, but it cut before we saw the full pathway.

  • Interesting. Yogis know also something about brain. If scientists would do meditation they would understand more, you may see,

  • nice Sar g

  • Could the brain work by directing light through a network of neurons?
    Possibly a similar phenomena to sonolumisecence produced in the pineal gland that radiates light which is reflected through a neural network like fibre optic cables.

  • Great !

  • Can you realize what meaning is conveyed 1:27 here in this fourteen second sentence…?

  • Thanks for video.

  • Where is part one?

  • Make sure it's not government money they are poor

  • Much talk, less info

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