Homunculus – Crash Course Psychology #6

Homunculus – Crash Course Psychology #6

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HOMUNCULUS! It’s a big and weird word that you may or may not have heard before, but do you know what it means? In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank gives us a deeper understanding of this weird model of human sensation.

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March 10, 2014 / 49 Comments / by / in
  • dwarf in a flask homunculus

  • He said full metal alchemist, why do people care it's like saying I breathe air

  • Is it normal that I can taste scent

  • Crash course, What about the seemingly click bate creature created from a chicken egg and a mans sperms? Is it real?

  • BLAYT!!

  • I thought we were talking about homunculus not sound and taste buds.

  • Wow, do anyone notice that you sound like Eminem.

  • that's not a homunculus. it doesn't have black spiky hair.

  • "Synesthesia" wait isn't this normal? Like lets say your memorizing a speech and you picture them as puzzles at the same time? Or when see a tree you can hear it shake its leaves? Or am I getting the wrong idea?

  • Im disapointed that the first thing that came to my mind was Fullmetal Alchemist…and that one guy that tried furtilizing the egg with human sperm

  • A 1

    Sensation; noun. The perception associated with the stimulation of a sense. (Example; The sensation of heat.)
    Sense; noun. A perception or feeling produced by a stimulus.
    Perception; noun. The process or act of perceiving.
    Perceive; verb. The act of receiving information towards something by means of a sense.

  • dat is scry

  • Whoa , this nerd guy watched some shitty overrated anime

  • Ren

    Some sounds have colours is that synesthesia? I had a friend who's voice sounded teal, but it's not all sounds

  • Damn got flashbacks to watching these for AP psych.

  • its gollum

  • I'd thought he would have much larger eyes, after being a baby you barely lick anything to understand it you see it

  • Your uh… missing a very sensitive body part

  • This is not about injecting sperm into eggs….

  • Insert korney

  • all this talk about smell makes me feel bad since I don't have one pretty much

  • How bad did John freak out upon hearing that when he smells poop that there's poop particles in his nose? LOL

  • *Hey look body, i'm an engineer.. That means I solve problems.. Not problems like "What is beauty" — because that would fall within the perview of your —- conundrums of philosophy. I solve practical problems. ***fire guns, drink beer.. "aaarrrghhh"** for instance — how am I gonna stop some big mean mother hover from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer… use a gun. And if that don't work, use more gun. Like this heavy caliber tripod little 'ol number, designed by me, built by me. And you best hope, not pointed at you.***

  • Can you weaboo faggots shut up about your irrelevant cartoons?

  • It kinda looks like a blob-fish if you look at it at the right angle.
    A blob-fish with legs and overly large hands, that is.

  • Anyone come here from Korney?

  • Oh good he likes they might be giants

  • A www look at that little angler fish! I want it

  • You kinda look like the drunk guy from that episode of How I Met Your Mother. The one that uploaded the videos of Marshall as "beercules"

  • I came here from a guy putting his sperm in an egg

  • a small doughnut came out of my ear when I was little. bam lost in the comments for life

  • i sense with my feet too

  • Yup, all the comments are about Fullmetal Alchemist XD

  • All these people are besides themselves that Hank — or possibly just a staff member, guys — knows about FMA. I'm just disappointed at how confused the explanation of the hummunculus was. It's a metaphor for real estate in the neocortex, but the video makes it seem like some kind of disembodied sensory monster…

    Also, synesthetes don't cross-wire smells because smell is an older sense that doesn't cross through the thalamus. That just would have been a super cool thing to include.

  • FMA

  • it's william from westworld!!!!!!

  • Comments in a nutshell:
    99%: OMG YUR INTO FULL METAL ALCHEMIST? (stfu, weebs)
    1%: Or just jizzing into an egg.

  • Only Russians are crazy enough to make their own homunculus. Eww. shiver

  • Wow i like to subscribe this how did he know this?,anyways i even enjoyed his scientifical speech

  • Why don't he have huge genitals? Asking 4 a friend

  • Me: Does he know about the homunculi in FMA?
    points out the reference not even 15 seconds into the video


  • "The bad guys in full metal alchemist"
    Mr. Green I love you

  • Doesn't the homunculus remind you of that monster they made on amazing world of gumball

  • Got here from a guy cumming in a chicken egg. Classic YouTube.

  • I'm going to sit here and watch every crash course video. thank you. I

  • Yea, we get that you came here for Fullmetal. Now please shut up.

  • yahs i clicked because of fma lol

  • If you were expecting a legitimate discussion of the concept in these comments, you've come to the wrong place. We're all just a bunch of weebs who got excited about Fullmetal Alchemist.

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