History of Insane Asylums and Psychological Treatments

History of Insane Asylums and Psychological Treatments

WARNING: Some material may be disturbing for some viewers.

This video shows the history of insane asylums in the United States. Please note that this is not meant to discredit any facilities but to shed light on experiences from the past.


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  • I'm mentally ill I've been in a insane asylum. its not fun

  • this is almost too much….

  • Wow that was something else

  • I watched this by myself in the a power out during a thunderstorm I couldnt sleep for a week

  • How the fuck did I get here

  • Check ya self in bitch I'm tired of you

  • psychiatrists still do this. they put electrical current damaging someone's brain and they call it therapy.

  • in the asylum crazy people can be bad and dangerous they must have straight jackets and remain in chambers.

  • the asylum is a hospital where people were crazy or dangerous.

  • I know how it feels to be insane when they cry stop or get away from me they are being cured and if let free then theyll be c ome sane and I was ihsane once but I just cant help but remember myself trying to tell them I was sane

  • O wow this is really creepy. I did a movement piece about toys coming to life it was a really dark piece and I used this music

  • I understand that some people act a little crazy but do you really need to hurt and torture them?

  • Creepiest shit I ever watched

  • I feel as if these are normal and with right treatment and medication the could be fine and wouldn't be like this , kinda breaks my heart idk how I even ended up here

  • I love your video! Great job!

  • This is fucked up !!!

  • yes this is creepy is it crazy to run around town with a scythe
    why do they have to put them in those body bags lookin things weird and im not subscribing this is creepy

  • thats the slender man the arrival music

  • What is the name of this music

  • This is disgusting ppl shouldnt be treated this way, insane or not they're still human ._.

  • The people in the 'body bags' are in insulin therapy.

  • All I did was trying to look for more info of how outlast worked and stuff and this popped up.

  • I don't get why they're torturing people. Even the disabled have feelings to. Just because people are disabled doesn't mean people should be tortured. I've heard of people going to an asylum just for trying to commit suicide. The people who tried that should be on suicide watch by a friend for family member; Not being tortured. And I don't get why women have to be in an asylum with men who work there because half of the women end up getting raped. After they are raped and they give birth to a baby, I'm 90% sure that the workers take the baby and experiment on them. People don't deserve to be tortured. They deserved to be watched to make sure that they don't hurt themselves. And if any men workers from an asylum are reading this after raping a girl, WOMEN ARE NOT FREAKING TOYS THAT MEN CAN PLAY WITH!!!!! So stop raping and torturing people!! They did nothing to deserve being tortured. They deserve to live like actual people and not animals!!!

  • This is not such a scary video if u turn ur volume all the way down

  • What's the background music called?

  • The name of the song*

  • Thanks for sharing… very intense.

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  • I don't think it was nearly as bad as they say it was in these facilities. Of course bad things happened, but not on the degree that we all hear about. It sounds spooky and it sells commercials. 

  • This is very sad.  How they treated people.  Some of them probably had epilepsy or brain tumors.  They could have had seizures.  Give a patient shock therapy for a seizure.   Talk about torture.

  • Its crazy how they stuffed toilet paper in patients mouths and had em in bath tubs white people are evil and still torture mental patients till this day.!

  • Somebody need to stand up for mental patients rights people laughing at sick people sometimes their families dont luv them and they go in asylum for help.!

  • Even if you weren't to have the music or disturbing old fashioned photograph look, there is something about these kinds of pictures that gives me a weird feeling. I can't describe it other than this weird nostalgia and an empty pain in my stomach. Is anyone else feeling this? Because this has been happening to me since I was a baby. It actually really disturbs me.

  • What's the music in the background called?

  • couldn't you of had some facts and history notes written down, this feels more like a snuff film than a historic video !!!

  • No wondered why ghost hunters love haunted insane hospitals because of ghosts.😒😒😨😨😨😱😱

  • What is that they makes them bite on

  • they really liked to experiment and try whatever back in the day.

  • There's no such thing as ghosts. The human indignity is far, far worse!

  • OMG! W.T.F., they are torturing humans in a contaminated building, God free those people!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • this is too much…. my heartaches

  • Click bait. paused at 1:22 No context, just a bunch of pictures to hopefully lure you in…. blah, blah, blah. sub-conscious fears. Blah, blah, blah,….BLAH….. BLAH.

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