Helpful ASMR psychologist / therapy roleplay

Helpful ASMR psychologist / therapy roleplay

This video is for relaxation purposes and can help you through a stressful time. Your ASMR psychologist roleplay for reassurance. Not a professional.
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September 27, 2017 / 45 Comments / by / in
  • Unfortunately the night is too Jung to listen and enjoy this fully. But the moment I can I totally will be Freudian- slip away to a nice peaceful sleep. Maybe after I'll need a dream consultation.


  • I love your videos

  • I wanna say that top looks so good on you xx ♥️

  • I hope you do a follow up session I really enjoyed this

  • I would LOVE to hear you give an ink blot test. I'm a sucker for some good Rorschach action

  • Cheapest therapy I've ever had! Haha great video 😊

  • I love ur smile

  • you remind me so much of ginger from the movie ginger and rosa, loved this video so much!

  • Your voice is like caramel to my ears

  • Hey Doctor! help me sleep 🙂

  • Thanks!

  • This was lovely! I've been suffering from a stomach bug and vertigo today so this is a nice way to end my day. Thank you.

    Also, I like your top. Where did you get it, if I may ask?

  • your hair reminds me of the character lydia martin from teen wolf!

  • this girl is on poynt

  • I watch asmr vids all the time and this was awesome! Subscribed!

  • Hey Becca get I get some therapy from you I’m very distraught right now

  • HS

    Please do more just like this! (= I listen while cleaning my house after a stressful day. It helps me get my things done

  • This is very much like what happens in therapy. You did a great job. Cheers!

  • Thank you doctor for your service's. I will definitley schedule another visit.

  • use less whisper and more voice

  • I couldn’t here anything so I took out my giant speakers and started playing this. It was fun I stayed all night listening to you videos,

  • Oh, ill never forgive Orange if they've wiped the twins

  • Nice work ! have a good day 😀 xx

  • Helläü

  • You would be literally the worst psychologist ever, every patient would fall asleep and not remember a single word from the therapy session! 🙂 Would keep you schedule full though

  • I love your accent!!!!!!!!!

  • lovely

  • You should be an actress

  • please get some stereo imaging soon, everything else is great :-

  • Is it only me or does her face kinda' look like Ramsay Bolton's face? :O

  • I would love to have you as my psychologist. You are very calming. Your kind of mature and warm voice is doing the charm for me. <3

  • Wow, so hot in a " not trying to be hot but am anyway" way.

  • i love your voice but I do hate shrinks ever much so.

  • Wow such a doll

  • I've been to plenty; you did fine 🙂

  • oh hey holland roden

  • ana

    this is very calming and gave me a lot of tingles! very nice video becca

  • I mean, OK. But I want to feel LESS NUTS after watching a typical ASMR thang. After exposure to this, I feel MORE NUTS.

    THAT is not normal.

  • I love your accent SO much!!! I must admit 😀

  • The only thing my Psychologist does is Nothing!! 😐

  • I’m a new subscriber here, and I just wanted to thank you for uploading quality content that is relaxing and tingly on a regular basis. You are very convincing as a therapist, and you actually gave some helpful advice in this video. I know you probably have a lot of other video ideas that you have to get to. I just wanted to make a possible video request. If you have the time and inclination in the future, I’d love to see a second part to this therapist role play. It was well done and relaxing and it would be interesting to see what the next session would look like. Thanks for helping me get to sleep easier 😊

  • Me: oh, an asmr video with a therapist… clicks video and goes into comfortable mode with nothing but silence all around
    Video: THIS IS UBER EATS!!!!!!!!!!
    Me: got a heart attack and people will think I got a heart attack watching a weird ASMR video…

  • I try to listen to ASMR as if I don't understand the language, I try to just enjoy the sounds of talking. It brings a whole new dimension to the experience. This video is espacially calming that way <3

  • This was certainly different than the usual "All right! I'll prescribe you some pills! Just leave me alone!" drama
    you usually are met with at the psycho doctor.

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