Gustave Le Bon: Crowd Psychology

Gustave Le Bon: Crowd Psychology

In this video, we will discuss Gustave Le Bon’s thoughts regarding crowd psychology, and we will also interpret a few modern mass movements through the lens of Le Bon’s work.

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November 16, 2015 / 15 Comments / by / in
  • The crowd and mob mentality well illustrated.

  • I would like to print the transcript and send it to a friend.

  • only 347 views!

  • Shared for the benefit of those who haven't read the book this is a great snippet.

  • Great video, do you know any scholars who wrote some advance/recent books on the subject?

  • 3:20 Or as Madison Avenue calls it, "Support Our Troops."

  • Slow the heck down!

  • Hitler was a hero.

  • more precisely you lot do not understand democracy 2017 version: the many does not understand democracy 's mob behavior, the mob does not see, mob and trolls are the same a bunch of fellows under one ruler one leader, when that takes place individuality stops and you get all trump trolls that think as one. Hitler got to power with the same methods as Mussolini. the leader is expected to clear your minds to act properly, however that only happens when he perceives the reality the game. otherwise is chaos.

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  • Israel: high tech of brainwashing as we now can confirm on the israeli citizens if we can call them that this 1917 experiment is going sour same as the 1776 with our new Trump sitcom of trolls and media brainwashing.

  • very informative 👍

  • This is a great video. Keep in mind that a fool is someone who doesn't recognize a fool. So I hope you weren't expecting too many subscribers.

  • le continent parano le début de la fin, car tout la population est suspect donc robotise vous pour être normal devenir une machine c'est la normalité des européens la fin de l'europe par elle mémé car comme il recommande certains journaliste:: est autres vous êtes tous des suspect donc transformer la population en gendarme de surveillance amène a la fin de la pensé/ le big brother français habille a la H&M est arrive// les cafar humains qui ce tue eux même….

  • Sharing this on our website. Good work.

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