Gun Gripes Episode 18: The Psychology of Gun Ownership

Gun Gripes Episode 18: The Psychology of Gun Ownership

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This video discusses an important aspect of firearm ownership…..The fact that in your travels it may be necessary to take another human’s life in defense of your own. Many people do not consider the concept seriously or they may think that gun ownership is a joke. In this video we try to bring to light the responsibility that everybody undertakes when they decide to carry a firearm for protection. Not only can you become a liability to yourself by failing to “pull the trigger”, but you can also endanger the lives of those around you if you lack the personal fortitude needed.


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  • Röhm RG14 was used on Reagan.

  • miss this old man.

  • i liked when he said "a .22 will kill anyone in the world…tomorrow"

  • facts

  • God damn I miss Barry! That intro was hilarious!

  • "If you value a predators life more than your familys or you own; you dont need a gun. You need psychiatric help" I loooove that line!

  • I think "some" or "most" cheapskates shouldn't own a gun because I doubt they will buy a safe or a lock for the guns.

  • Yep. Worked in a gun shop many years ago. A lot of people don't have the right mindset. Very small guns aren't much good except as a last ditch hideout piece. 38+p is my minimum. I srill can't get behind 380. In the shop i sold a lot of 4" K frames to ladies, and a fair number of medium size autos- back then it was 6906's, 915's and later the 910 (this IS Kali, u know),228's, Beretta Centurions, and of course G19's. The revolver was a bit more instinctive for new shooters, but they could start to grasp autos after u spent a few minutes with them. Great points made in the video as always

  • New York reload lmao


  • im 18 and i believe that if you are able to handle a gun responsibly i think you should have a gun or under the age of 18

  • a .22 will kill anyone tomorrow… i have a friend who can't tell you it most certainly WILL kill you today…

  • The underlying theme of this episode (don't carry a gun if you aren't prepared to use it) reminds me of a story my grandfather told me from the Vietnam War. Once, he was left by himself to watch a Viet Cong shack and one of the biggest men he'd ever seen came out from behind the building, big enough to probably kill him barehanded. He pointed his rifle at the man and told him to stop. When he didn't stop advancing, he realized he didn't want to/didn't think he could shoot someone. The man obviously didn't believe that he wasn't going to shoot him and kill him. So, my grandfather aimed at his legs and told him to stop advancing, and he did. A gun that you aren't prepared to use belongs to anyone who wants to take it from you.

  • i can't shoot 9mm to small for my large hands and yes shot placement crucial I fell in love with old slab sides in the corp no other semi auto will ever carry less rounds is easily solved by lashing 2 mags together bu g is 22hi sierra having more rounds only more to spray i cant'hit barn sided broad with either 9mm 40 have shot 10mm the hand was in cast 3 months every time I shot at something has went down if you got the balls come out go on woods walk with in the mtns here see how well 9mm doe's my 45 with jacketed hollow points as for fact constitutional carry prevents crime they will simply move on to easier prey

  • "You just admitted to me that you're not responsible enough to have a gun OR a child." – unfortunatley that's most people in a nutshell.

  • If you need a safety on your gun, you're not responsible enough to own a gun or have a child. That's a pearl of wisdom right there. I remember as a child, my dad setting a shotgun in a corner by the back door and telling me, "You see my shotgun? If you even touch it, I'll know, and I'll whip your ass." And he would have. He kept a fine coat of oil on it. Once a friend was over and he said, "Look a gun!" and put a hand on it. I had a hysterical screaming fit at him before he could even pick it up. Then I waited all afternoon for dad to get home. "I didn't touch your gun, David touched it before I could stop him!" Dad looked at me and said, "David isn't allowed to come in this house again." End of story.

  • RIP

  • Fuckin love Barry. RIP

  • I am 15 and have been carrying a fixed bladed knife with me, when people ask why I tell them its because I can't legally carry the 9mm yet

  • Loving the suit

  • "If you consider a predator's life more important than the lives of your family members, you don't need a gun; you need some psychiatric help!"
    I LOVE IT! We miss you, Barry!

  • So much wisdom from a great Patriot!

  • Anyone else thought they were going to start playing creepy music at 6:23

  • "Some people are just wired wrong"
    One of the truest statements I've ever heard. Ive seen people do horrible things just for the sake of doing it

  • 1:56 "if you value a predators life more than your family's or your own life, you don't need a gun, you need psychiatric help"

    Someone make a t-shirt or sticker

  • 33 in a glock 19. Am i missing something?

  • R.I.P. Mr Barry…this episode would have been a #1 seller if it was turned into a Mini Series 🙂

  • Barry the prophet. His words after min 8 will stand forever.

  • I love that ole man

  • 8:00 talk get really really real.

  • Buy your moms & girlfriends Hi-Points. Barry, you were one wise motherf**ker.

  • Small "and cheap" 😉 God bless Y'all's. Thumbs up hat off. Hope you're in heaven smiling down at us old man.

  • I miss barry


  • I had a school teacher talking bad on guns and saying the cops
    Are here to protect us we shouldn't have to
    Or some shit and I said I'd blow
    Holes in any person trying to harm my family and got sent to the office
    Haha fucking liberal fucks
    Luckily I've been out of school for years

    "If you can't take a humans life then you don't need a gun"

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