Gay science is all fake, how gays control psychology

Gay science is all fake, how gays control psychology

Gay activist are very fond of throwing science into the face of all that disagree with them. The only problem is–that “science” is FAKE. Dr. Nicholas Andrew Cummings explains in great detail how gay activist got into control of American psychology in the 1970’s and manipulated it from then on for political gain, making sure that being gay was never actually studied and thereby no actual scientific results were ever produced.

THIS IS IMPORTANT! This isn’t just any old doctor, THIS IS THE MAN that made the resolution that declassified homosexuality as a mental illness, WHICH IS THE REASON SO MANY PEOPLE IN AMERICA THINK THAT THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY, AND THAT ANYONE WHO DOES IS A CAVE MAN. When Dr. Cummings, as president of the American Psychological Association (APA) made the resolution it was stipulated that honest and open unbiased research would be done on the subject to make sure that this change was accurate scientifically. THAT RESEARCH WAS NEVER DONE.

In those days the American Psychological Association had a rule called “The Leona Tyler Principle,” that stated that all findings would be based on “scientific data and demonstrable professional experience.” After the decision to declassify homosexuality as a mental illness was made, gay activist and their allies gained control of the APA and from then on all findings were cherry picked in favor of what these people wanted the information to say to serve their political needs. The Leona Tyler Principle not only ceased to be followed, it was wiped from the annals of the APA, and with that, dedication to reason and logic stopped. Political stances overrode scientific results, and as time progressed it became about building the case for homosexuality as a civil rights issue, instead of about studying homosexuality scientifically.

Its important to realize that this doctor is not an extremist. He is not even against gay marriage. He is just dedicated to science and thinks that results that are purported as scientific ought to actually be scientific.


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  • What the HELL is up with these bigoted homophobes. You idiots DO realize that homosexuality occurs in hundreds of species, not just humans? The FACT that hundreds of studies show the actual SCIENCE of homosexuality? NO, cause your to busy saying these homophobic things to even look at the facts. Dummies.

  • Whatever…. Just had to click on here to see what kind of Moron is talking out his ass… Psychology is most certainly not the only science that has been in very in-depth studies on homosexuality. The reason why "conservative" viewpoints in science are rejected, is because their origin is a make believe magic fairy that floats on the clouds…. And that has no place in any science.

  • Homosexuality is an ideology, it is not a scientific fact, nor a natural one. Homosexuals can never be happy because no one has helped them to understand why they are like this.

  • This man speaks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth! His honesty and intelligence is appreciated!

  • Mentally ill faggots.

  • i feel bad for god for having to deal with this bullshit of gays a inferior type of people i might ad

  • Homosexuality and Transexuality are Mental Disorder,made up by:
    Social Conception
    Hormonal Disorder

  • okay to all the straight people when did you choice to be straight???

  • It is obvious that they have a mental illness.

  • Media make it sound like the majority of people support gays 90% of the people i know in my life do not like it most hate it, media again trying to tell people how to think so obvious.

  • it is a mental illness. the fact thar gays tend to commit suicide due to low self esteem proves it. paedophiles are also born that way according to science. that doesn't make it right for peopke to live that way in public. the parades are annoying and the people who participate in them should be sent to the mental hospital.

  • I love being a sodomite. Ever since I had a mental breakdown I made the disgusting life choice to become a bum bandit, although its vile, it is brilliant fun. Hanging around public toilets is really exciting as you get to have anonymous anal sex with fellow sodomites through the glory holes that we drill out in the cubicle. Or hanging out in the shower rooms in the local gyms checking out the hot naked guys in the showers. My father is such a Christian Right homophobic bigot, its hilarious. He always says: "There she is,"when he sees me mincing into the house. And he's always complaining when I bring guys back home, as he says he can hear me yelling with joy through the walls when I'm getting my asshole fucked or beaded. Sooner or later I'll have to stop this revolting fad and go to bible camp to be cured of my filthy life choice and go back to being normal. My father is getting fed up with my anal antics is threatening to cut off my trust fund if I don't get either pray away the gay therapy or electroshock treatment – the latter my father is more in favor of out of spite lol.

  • It is true. I did some research myself and came to the conclusion that homosexuality is caused by modern diet (which is high in sugar, fats, low in micronutrients) and stress, mainly sleep deprivation. I published the research online and I was attacked as if I had done some criminal act.

  • can all of us LGBTQ+ folk just move to a separate island so we don't have to deal with all these anti-gays?

  • In my experience gay and transgender are alot more exhibitionistic, self-centered and narcisstic. Just look at the sjw-movement and gay pride parades it is disgusting.

    I would't be surprised at all if it is a genetic disease. Ofc it should not be banned but they should conform and accept to heterosexual norm in society and they should stay away from teaching sexual education im schools with then gender BS..

    Just look at Sweden where i live it is a social experiment that have gone mad.

  • Many people are actually trying to invent gay gene lol. What comes after that I wonder, incest gene?
    ' I was born to be attracted to my mom '

  • some thing can still influence as kid at childhood to make him that 'choice'. idiots call that a choice.

  • he doesn't explain why a kid at 10 decides to be gay, the average of age where people realize is 10 in men. This conclusion was based on studying all the studies in the decade.

  • Some people get molested and turn gay and they call that a choice to, because they got molested they choose to be gay. That's stupid. Some get molested and don't turn gay they have more testosterone, but if a weak kid gets molested it's harder for him to make a choice against being gay.


  • The comments from people who either support LGBT people or those who don't are completely disgusting. All of you should be ashamed of yourself. All of you should respect each other equally! If any of you should argue about a topic, be mature. Do not sit here and make mockery of each other. Do not sit here and call each other abominations, idiotic, and other cruel words. We all should focus on building each other up, we should focus on making the world a better and safer place. Not to condemn each other!

  • I'm gay and I believe that Homosexuality is not genetic. I believe that it is caused by a variety of influences. I believe that to Soem degree it may be a choice but regardless whether or not its genetic that doesn't make it any more or less of a choice. I believe that my sexuality isn't determined by genetics. I believe it is influenced and I'm happy to be gay and I don't see anything wrong with being gay. There is no need to justify it with genetics. It would make more sense to justify it as a choice or a person willing to be who they are and not because of their genetics. Im not born to have unpopular opinions. I'm not born to hate certain genres of videos games or movies. It is because of influence and it is my choice. Sexuality is definitely not as much of a choice as choosing to hate a movie but it's not genetic and regardless if it's a choice or not I wouldn't choose to be straight just because it's an unpopular opinion. If sexuality is genetic then that could mean that in the future we could change it on the fly. Justifying sexuality because it's genetic doesn't make it seem okay it makes it seen like an exuse for a persons preference. Homosexuality may not be a choice for some but it certainly isn't genetic and there should be Better arguments for justifying a persons orientation than saying "He can't change who he is" because that's just ridiculous. Yet when it comes to pedophilia we have no choice but to view it as a mental disorder because we know that it is wrong. Yet when something like sexuality is seen as good we try to make a poor argument of justifying it because it's genetic instead of truly realizing what it is. It's not genetic and people do end up changing sexuality over time. Maybe not all but I know for a fact that I've had many friends and loved ones that are gone from straight to bisexual to completely Homosexual. Yet people call him gay but that's not true. He had completely lost sexual Intrest in woman. Because he was influenced by his friends and well.. Let's just say lots of things influenced his sexuality.. One Fandom in particular. I've also had friends that had gone from gay to straight. And no they weren't in denial like I had first thought. They had genuinely grown bored of men over time and went for woman. That doesn't mean it's a choice. But it does mean it's fluid and that a persons sexual preferences can develop and change over time. Some may be gay for their whole life while others change completely. It is complete illogical that you'd be born this way. It doesn't make sense when people keep changing preferences all the time. A lot of my bisexual friends prefer men while some prefer woman. And then some of them say they used to prefer woman but then started preferring men a lot more. But of course they didn't lose all Intrest in woman like the last few examples I gave. I will not deny reality. I identify as gay however my sexual preferences would say other wide. And I can love both sexes however I'm only sexually Intrested in men. This is why I classify as Homosexual. My sexuality is separate from my love. But they do interact. Believe it or not I'm attracted to Transgender men that are completely male on the top yet possess a female genitalia. I guess you could technically call that bisexual but I still consider myself gay. I like anything male yet I don't care whether or not they have a male genitalia. Because I'm interested manly masculine men. Well I'm not going to explain it all because this just got way too personal but I people realize we aren't born this way and we should be proud of that. Happy for our decisions regardless of what the world thinks. I'm not born with unpopular decisions or preferences. You are not born a pedophile and while I'm completely against saying pedophilia is okay because it's not. I'm against not applying that to Homosexuality and Heterosexualality. Are you saying people with fetishes can't change or get rid of them ? Of course they can and they can just as easily gain new ones. My sexuality has changed over time. It used to be just one fetish but thanks to a certain Fandom I grew to learn the appeal of gay sex and other various things. Then again I probably would've found that out regardless. Hmmm…instead we should be proving how Homosexuality is not hurting our society and how it could be beneficial perhaps or how it's perfectly natural instead of using the exuse that it is genetic. While saying it's genetic may help saying its natural that still doesn't help with everything else or justify how it's good or okay in anyway it just states that it's something we could potentially cure and snuff out of the human race entirely. LGBT should be focusing on how it's harmless to society and that's perfectly fine which we have already done a good job with so far. Even homophobic people think that it's genetic so what's the point in using this as an argument if it's completely invalid and doesn't exuse people for their preferences. We should state that Yes it is a choice or at the very least not genetic and that there is nothing wrong with Homosexuality. Saying it's genetic doesn't help that in any way it suggests that it can be easily cured or prevented. It's not genetic and we need to prove how it's okay and how regardless of these unpopular or strange preferences
    That we as a society are fine. Homosexuality has existed for thousands of years and Japan never had to day people were born this way to justify it. They saw it as something natural if not even more heroic than men saving woman. Sexuality is not genetic period and we should be happy with who we end up being. We aren't born this way and if I want to be straight which i have no reason to because clearly you don't think Homosexuality is natural or okay if youre the kind of person that questions why people don't just change their sexuality if its a choice. You can say the exact same thing about unpopular opinions but we aren't born to have them obviously. So why would you change your sexuality? Because you won't be accepted? Well why don't I just change my opinion? I don't bot because I'm born with this opinion. It's because I choose to believe in this because I know it is the right thing. Sexuality whether you like it or not is not determined at birth. It crafted and developed over time by many influences. Some are genetic but nothing is explicit that makes it a gay gene. It's influenced by everything not solely on genetics. You're not Born gay and no one is genetically gay. Many gays and straights share the same genes. Homosexuality is definitely not genetic in any way. It's not genetic period. It's influenced and it can change over time. Some are much more fluid than others. Some people like me and my friends have sexual preferences that change quickly and drastically over time. It's always a choice to some degree

  • Those who've been pushing the agenda of all things gay being accepted and normalized are using it as a stepping stone to push for the agenda of pedophile normalization.

  • GAY HIDE THE FACT that gay rights leaders are firm supporters of pedophiles…100000 millions u must be careful

  • We need a 2nd holocaust

  • Um wtf many animals have been gay/bi, but animals think on instinct, right? So then, if they love the same gender by instinct then then that means that being gay isn't a mental illness. Say what you want salty Christians but that is the truth. As for a trans or non-binary person, I don't necessarily believe that they were born like that, and sure, it could definitely be considered a mental illness, but if they are happy and feel more whole believing in who they are than why change it? Ok sure, your religion believes that people like that go to hell, but you're not those people, are you? Cause in the end, THEY are the people who will have to answer to god about it in your beliefs, NOT you, so why try to transfer their sexuality to hetero when they are the ones who will have to deal with it, NOT you. Also, MANY of these LGBT members don't believe in god, and yet to get mad about them for religious reasons, then that's EXTREMELY self-minded of you. So listen kids, this advice will be good in your life. If there are two men having sex or something in a house two blocks down from your house while you're just playing on your phone, they are not affecting you from playing on your phone are they? People can only get to you if you LET them get to you.

  • I'm so happy that I have the ability to see what's real and I'm sad that so many others don't.

  • Queers are nasty

  • Damn these comments are hilarious af, I didn't know homophobes could make so many conspiracies and tell all these stories about something they've never experienced or understood without a bias towards lmao. I need to stop reading these comments though, im losing brain cells by the second

  • Psychiatry has betrayed LGBTQ people before when they made being gay a mental illness. The psychiatrist do it again today using Ex Gay Therapy. Do not trust them they lie and if they betrayed LGBTQ people before they will do it again.

  • To label this "Gay science is all fake, how gays control psychology" is misleading and inaccurate; please listen to what the man is saying: "We need to have an open dialogue, no-holds-barred, and see where the research takes us"… 8:45

  • We allowed the pro gay rights movement to peddle complete and utter bulshit like "you're born that way". "its genetic, like hating someone for having blue eyes" and other complete and utter bulshit stories like "it wont effect anybody, if you're gay, you're gay, the only people who are anti gay are people in the closet". Well that was a load of bollocks eh! Now we've made it all the way to "gender is a social construct anyway" and the most vulnerable amongst us (children) are being brainwashed into thinking about sexuality at incredibly young ages, and making life changing decisions before they even know who they are or what life is. That's pure evil. Now they're classifying paedophilia as a sexual orientation, so, of course, you can't help it, it's like having blue eyes. Ridiculous. My favourite thing to bring up to a gay person ranting that paedophiles should receive the death penalty is "It's like having blue eyes, how can you hate.. It wasn't that long ago they were killing gay people 😉 Of course it's different in terms of consent, but genes are genes.. I obviously think that's complete bulshit too, but I like using their own shitty logic on themselves just to highlight the complete insanity of it all. You wanna see triggered, play that card. Do what you gotta do. Iv'e never discriminated against a gay person in my life, just don't use bulshit, because it'll bite you on the arse! Maybe they like that, who knows 😉

  • KKK = LGBT = Bestiality. They were born this way!

  • (((elites))) pushing faggotry down our throats day by day.

  • Ex gay movements should be encouraged in order to destroy the myth that homosexuality cannot be removed and cured.

  • 2013 already. That was before I got red-pilled. I used to think gays were harmless.

  • Why does all these big it's have over 100 likes on their comments?

  • So… what's your overarching thesis in this argument?

  • The white man is the goddamned devil the Bible speaks of!!!!!

  • The guest on the show has been diagnosed with mental illness

  • After seeing a gay man try pussy for the first time then proclaim himself bisexual straight afterwards, i cannot have a serious outlook at gay people, this is when i realized gay people are simply a result, not born that way.

  • Ok. Those people couldn't properly study homosexuality because of the gay rights movements. I get that. But how can you study it in the first place? Are you going to give all kinds of medical treatments there is to gay people and see if they work? We don't know how homosexuality has passed down from generation to generation, and no one did in the past, either.
    But don't you see what straight people have done to gay people throughout the human history? They have ridiculed them and killed them just because they are different.
    Also even though the foundation officially said that homosexuality is not a mental illness, whether it's a forced dicision or mot, those curious people have never stopped studying it. And they never found the cause or cure or anything.
    If we just accept homosexuality as a natural thing, as something that has passed down from generation to another, no one is a sick person. Gay people can live happily.

  • White people are the ones who created this movement. The LGBT was created by gay white people. The first gay parades were created and marched for gay white people. Yes later other ethnicity's came in, but from the start it was made by and for gay white people. The Gay rainbow flag was designed and made by a gay white man. The GLAAD organization was founded or atleast is now run by gay white people. The extreme grooming we now do to our self is influenced by the white gay superficiality's. From the over plucking of the eye brows to the feminine hair styles on men. For instance the comb over "hair style" some of us have. When you think of comb overs you think of white balding men (Donald Trump) and what else do you think of when you think of comb overs? Pedophiles. White pedophiles have comb overs. Even now with the Charlotte racism alot of the gay white LGBT is supporting the supremacy. Ive seen a video of this. I mean even the APA is now controlled by white gay men and woman. So you decide whos to blame for false movement this.

  • This man looks VERY gay. I believe he has sucked dick and swallowed A LOT of cum in his time.

  • Ah, a video where all the people who start a sentence with "lOl gAyS are mEntAllY siCK lOl fAgGotS". time to read irrelevant comments.

  • gay is a mental disorder and so is pedophile, thats a fact and we need to find a cure for this mutants!!!

  • i think westerners should stop this shit, today you legalize gay and tomorrow you legalize pedophilia and then incest.Seriously you need to have some morality!!!

  • My wife's brother made the disgusting life choice to become a sodomite. None of us talk to him now. We've offered to pay for therapy for him to become normal again as mental illness can be pretty tough, but he's not interested.

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