Friday the 13th: Female psychology and more

Friday the 13th: Female psychology and more


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  • Furst!

  • Cmon classic Ruby you just like to argue lol when BGS mentioned the concept of women like to dominating a large body/animal as subconscious you didn’t see it with horses but couldn’t argue when he brought it to SUVs lol.

    Realize you are talking to a master of the world. This is why Millenials got so many problems. When you studied Psychology in school you would have never finished if you questioned every research paper and theory

  • Ruby and Kats938 are 100% correct. There is a difference between females who willingly sell their bodies and those who are vulnerable (with mental issues or under the influence of drugs etc) which causes them to get "caught up".

  • Bgs can you do book reviews I'd like to read some of the books you've recommended in this hangout. Or can you list the books in the comments.

  • Pisces Power.. ♓️

  • @BGS..
    Women yeld the most honest information away from male inspection..

    Some of these males are some what effeminate an talk way toooo much, they block the females learning.

    Just a Suggestion.

  • Hey BGS, the world economic forum posted a video early this morning called "change boys' mindset when they're young." It really speaks to what you were saying about them using the school system to tame the boys.

    My apologies for posting this here. I know this is a woman's forum.

  • HOT DAMN!! K.Samuels broke out the uncut HEAVY machinery on they azz…..

  • The pimp talk was fun and interesting stuff. Lol
    BTW should invest in learning Mandarin?

  • Ruby is either extremely stupid or very dishonest.

  • Buckwheat and onions? Yuck, Gigi!


  • Brother Cerulean dropped some serious race science in the last part of the hangout. That part needs to be excerpted to exist as a stand alone video file.  The Princess, Ryanna, asked a good question to set it off.

  • The pimp is correct in most cases when he says, "she was a whore when I found her."  Broken mothers teach daughters whore psychology and behavior.  Pimps exploit the situation because they know whore psychology and behavior, too.  Pimps know the rules PLAY or be played and PAY or be played are central to the concept. So, he makes her pay to play while the whore makes the trick pay to play.  

    As a result,  the whore respects the pimp as long as he is one up on her.  In general, women do not respect men that are not one up on them, that's why women making more money than men in a relationship is psychologically tricky for both genders.  

    The whore knows no man understands and accepts her but the pimp.  The tricks sneak around with her in seedy places under the cover of darkness. The pimp parades her in daylight and offers her approval, guidance, structure, protection and belonging (family).  At the foundation, the union of pimp and whore is similar to the union between man and woman.

    Beyond the pimp whore paradigm, men need women to be more feminine and women need men to be more capable, productive and resourceful, meaning powerful.

  • 18th!!!

  • 3:28:00 – They divorced because her mother cheated. And to shield her and her sibling(s) from the embarrassment of the father and the shame of the mother, they refuse to talk.

    If the reverse had happened, if the father had cheated, they either would not have broken up or she would know why they broke up.

    Women are more apt to stay with cheating husbands. There is less social dishonor for all involved. And if the father had cheated, the mother likely would have, perhaps out of anger and spite, announced the father's betrayal. However, no father really wants his kids to know his wife, their mother has been fvcking another dude.

  • Minnie Riperton – Every Time He Comes Around (with lyrics)

    R.I.B (Rest in Bliss)
    Great song!

  • Gigi needs to have a seat at the kids table, and just listen so she can learn.

  • LOL BGS was saying Ruby's cousin is a pimp and the women are whores. They wanted to be "bottom bitches".

  • Is gigi special or what, and I'm talking helmet special, that silly as* laugh is irritating.

  • Should called gigi an uber she can't articulate.

  • Chicks get their pimp's name tatted on them.

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