Forensic Psychology: The Real World of CSI

Forensic Psychology: The Real World of CSI

Dr. Jeffery Kieliszewski from Human Resource Associates presents on his experience in the criminal justice system as a forensic Psychologist. This is the first lecture in the 2009-2010 Psychology Speakers Series. See the full list at


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  • That's brilliant to watch.

  • Thank you so much for posting!

  • Hahah "must be a republican thing."lmao I love him! Ahhahaha

  •  This is a very interesting lecture, I truly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing this!

  • what about the forensic of servitute to a made up autori t,would be very interesting.

  • Thank you! 

  • If alcoholism is defined as a disease or substance abuse disorder in the DSM 5, then why can't it be successfully used as a defense in criminal court?

  • Having a substance abuse disorder doesn't make you insane and/or incompetent to strand trial. It merely offers a starting point for rehabilitation. Being clinically addicted to alcohol isn't illegal, but getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is, disordered or not. Furthermore, the disorder in question might make a man tempted beyond reason to drink alcohol, but the nature of the disorder had nothing to do with placing an involuntary person in the driver seat.

  • Profiling is almost the same as stereotyping, where you need proof before you accuse someone of doing something, not just pinpoint saying he is like this so he is guilty.


  • Fascinating! Wish theyd sorted out the mike though, althou yr man paraphrases wat the questions are I'd rather hear the whole thing?

  • The fact is CSI is real in its own universe look in to infinite universes or mulityuniverses it is proven but sadly not many people are intelligent to realise it, can't wait to get in to forensics though

  • Multi universes

  • If your interested in learning more just ask

  • I'm a psychology student, this might have inspired me to become a forensic psychologist

  • I have greater faith in the profession having watched this presentation.

  • It's normal to make assumptions, that is profiling but to act on your assumption is not right.

  • This video gives me great motivation to be sober.

  • watched it twice, thank you & God bless you.

  • This is wonderful, does anybody have a copy of this presentation. Thanks in advance.

  • He kinda looks like an older version of Marty from back to the future. 

  • What do u need a psyd?

  • jack ruby shot kennedy?

  • didnt he shoot lee harvey oswald? 

  • Sam Harris should watch this, profiling and if it works or not…experts say it doesn't work

  • Fun listen…and yes, some misstatements of fact as pointed out by other previous posters, but he is free-forming for a class, not providing a training session. No quiz at the end of the class either. :-))

    It was interesting that he referenced OJ case, as demographically it is likely that the majority of the class may not have yet been born (1994). :-)))

  • Kv. gellan sem eyðir oft föstudags- og laugardagskvöldum í að horfa á heimildarmyndir og lectures XD tja og líka á daginn 😉

  • Interesting on how many areas of forensic there are. Thanks for the insights. 😉

  • great lecture!

  • Jack Ruby didnt shot Kennedy, he shot Oswald; Oswald shot Kennedy

  • 20 years behind cyber-criminals.
    Please catch up.
    The line between cyber & real time has diminished.
    Organized crime uses online distractions/"pseudo-apparent perps."…RT hired accomplices…The individual(s) who contract the crime/murder can easily avoid detection. (Much criminal activity is outsourced to corrupt countries w/ different laws…Requiring victims to navigate the FTC in these matters is difficult and does little to attenuate criminal activity or hold Perpetrators accountable…Even if caught they are low-level expendable hires…The Ring-leader is protected…Additionally, Agencies ignore claims of what appears to be cyber-abuse…Still thinking it's "adult bullying"–Seasoned perps: have their cover-up/alibi in place before even initiating the criminal activity.)
    I would love to go back to school and do research on the topic.

  • I teach psychology of the court under the field of forensic psychology and I find this video very instructive and helpful. I thank you so much for this great contribution.

  • The dry jokes though

  • He is way too bias to be working with something as serious as the law

  • I'll be starting my undergraduate forensic psychology degree here in the uk in September and watching this is so fascinating. I hope in the uk it's just as interesting as learning in the USA

  • I really enjoy watching this show.thank u for share it with us.

  • this is really helpful

  • It took a bit, but finally found you! "Quincy" was my IDOL growing up!

  • Highly informative, intriguing, yet I had a real hard time hearing some of the questions that were being asked due to it not being loud enough when some people were asking questions. Am 3 courses away from a Bachelors  Degree in Professional Studies with a concentration in Psychology.

  • I have a new interest for Forensic Psychology and this lecture is very intriguing! The community college I'm going to doesn't have this major, but I'm definitely considering on transferring to a college that does.

  • Jack Ruby shot oswald not Kenedy

  • This is such a interesting subject.
    I would love to be a criminal profiler,my dream job. He is so lucky.

  • I enjoyed your lecture- but I do think child molesters and rapist, sexual delinquents etc… should be put away for life. A 14 year old (any child under 18) who is caught molesting a child needs to be treated and not charged .

  • I enjoyed your lecture- but I do think child molesters and rapist, sexual delinquents etc… should be put away for life. A 14 year old (any child under 18) who is caught molesting a child needs to be treated and not
    charged .

  • This helped me a lot! I wanted to do something like criminal profiling, but this gave me a much more realistic viewpoint on it.

  • cool

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