Forensic psychologist discusses Las Vegas shooting

Forensic psychologist discusses Las Vegas shooting

At least 59 people were killed and hundreds more were injured.


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  • Gambling debt + daddy issues = an ass who wants to get out of debt in a more infamous way than his father.

  • His brother is crazy too

  • Sounds like a set up

  • How about a home grown terrorist!!!!

  • Stop humanizing this monster!!!

  • Stop making excuses!!

  • There are mamy people who are mentally ill and do not get help. These people can purchase and own firearms and get permits to carry. People who get professional
    help cannot purchase a firearm because have been diagnosed with a mental illness. Psychological help & medication are no guarantees. This nightmare in Nevada is no doubt an untreated mental case and dangerous. That does not mean his family knew at all. I honestly do not feel in this case his brother is a liar. He looks as shocked and bewildered as anyone would in this situation. So how about everybody (libtards especially) addressing this issue before screaming for gun control.
    Hillary Clinton can legally own a firearm. In all seriouness supporter or not, she has not been operating anywhere near any level of mental stability. Intelligence means not much when accompanied ny untreated mental illness. Exhibit A: Ted Bundy. Do not twist my words and accuse me of stigmatizing mental illness. Those who seek help and are complient with treatment do not factor in here.

  • His motive was plain mentally insane

  • was he on any prescription drugs ?  and if so what reactions could they cause?  check it out .

  • leftists love this event

  • White terrorist!

  • you can't say he "snaped" .we all "snap" and it is instant and not planned .this was well thought of .you ever fired that many rounds out of a belt fed automatic? it takes skill and preparation just to avoid a jam when pumping that many rounds.

  • His father was a bank robber and on the FBI wanted list at one time. This rotten apple didn't fall far from the tree. They can start their profile there. This beast likely had some mental illness issue. These reporters have 24 hours of intelligence investigations to report and their sources are claiming no mental illness. not enough time to tell. Just horrible this happened.

  • So sad…

  • The Manner in which Anchors express their information is an obvious factor – The "FRANTIC HYPER SPEECH" exacerbates the the receiving war and created panic –
    You guys know this.
    The PhD had a mild manner calming delivery and the "Production Trained Anchor" delivers the info like she's running down the street.

    Media is not concerned about anything but promoting stimuli to gain a reaction – collecting as profits and pleasing Rothschild's Global Goals.

  • T P

    These people are ridiculous. Only men get mental illness and it's detected before the age of 40. There are more mentally ill women in the US than men and it's getting worse. Witness, the epidemic of female teachers raping underage boys.
    The murderer just snapped? True, f you're willing to ignore that he spent months purchasing firearms, explosives and more. Rented 2 rooms or a suite days before the attack on the largest venue with the most vulnerable people imaginable.
    This is just two of the vile stupid comments these two cunts made.

  • government did it to take guns away and put metal detectors in hotels/casinos. "Steve Pattic" is a myth….

  • I heard he was going through a divorce where the wife was taking everything. Why is this information not being discussed?

  • Thanks, Trump.

  • No. I do not believe he did it at ALL. I believe this is no more than attempt by our government to cause panic for their sole purpose to benefit from whatever gun law or whatever they want passed. Take Sandy Hook as an example. Before Sandy Hook they were trying to pass that gun law about assault rifles. Nobody was going. Then all of a sudden n a small town most of us havent even heard about a guy for no apparent reason kills his 60 sumn year old mother takes 1 of her assault rifles(cause apparently shes clint Eastwood) and shoots up some kindergartners and kills himself. They first broad casted he was his brother cause thats the ID they found on him but he hadnt talked to his brother n years. Right after Sandy Hook the ban on assault rifles was passed. Let me tell yal how impassable laws especially ones involving guns is passed. We can vote against it first off but our government is gunna get whatever they want even if sumn extraordinary has to happen to get it passed. Such as horrific mass shootings. People need to realize we are not n control. There are people in a sense out to get us and its our own government. We are nothing to them but collateral damage for their own agendas. Dont get me wrong. Some people do do horrible things. But there is never NOT a motive behind it. People dont just snap and kill people they dont know. Not like this anyways. Not a thought out plan. Usually when people snap and kill people its temporary like road rage or at work or at home. Its not a well thought out plan.

  • I See hate in that monster eyes ..Very introvert . Something ate him up inside, that s what i See..

  • Give everybody guns fuck it!

  • He snapped ?, this was a well planned and thought out attack, very professionally done. RIP all those who lost their lives.

  • Racial Profiling would've saved lives

    Why is no one talking about that? The coroner looked at him several days ago and no word about that. No one cares about that examination apparently.
    This is beyond strange to me. They are looking everywhere but his actual brain, and it reminds me of a mom pretending to hunt Easter eggs but failing on purpose.

  • Second shooter confirmed

  • It's frustrating when reporters try to act like they know what they are talking about, yet provide incorrect information on national television.  This is especially true when it comes to mental illness.  Both men and women suffer from mental health issues, although there are a multiple factors that must be taken into consideration.  The same illness can manifest differently in males and females, which may be due to genetic predispositions, substance abuse, trauma, environmental circumstances, major life transitions, medical issues, diet, etc.  One particular theory posits that a stressor may activate a latent condition, which kicks it into gear.  An individual has various risk and protective factors that play a role in the development and course of the illness, along with other variables.  We know certain illnesses have a tendency to develop during certain developmental stages of the lifespan, but NOTHING IS SET IN STONE.  I'd love to know how that reporter got the age of 40.  Turning 40 does not preclude anyone from developing a mental illness!!!  Some of the more serious mental illnesses have a much higher likelihood of manifesting in late teens/early adulthood, but anyone who is educated about mental illness would never say a person is in the clear after 40.  I have seen and experienced this phenomenon numerous times with my own two eyes.  

    I'm sure a lot of people believe that women are more likely than men to suffer from mental health issues, which may have merit.  I'd have to look at the data in order to say with any certainty.  That said, this phenomena may not be entirely true for some of the reasons I will point out.  These are just things to think about.  The stigma associated with mental illness is a huge reason why many people, particularly men, minimize their symptoms, refuse to ask for help, and thus forgo seeking treatment.  Asking for help is hard for anyone, but more so for men.  Rates of mental illness among men are lower largely because they go unreported.  We can't measure what we don't have access to.  I will say that there seems to be increased attention on female offenders, which are blown up by the media.  Anything for a good story.  It is interesting to note that female offenders are the fastest growing prison population.  We have enough people in prison in the United States, and we aren't doing all that we can to help people learn new skills, abstain from drugs/alcohol, form strong social supports, and give them a fighting chance once they return to society.  

    All I'm trying to get across is that people really need to take everything that comes out of the mouths of reporters with a grain of salt.  They are truly overstepping their boundaries by making statements that are simply untrue.  Don't believe everything they say, try to listen from a neutral stance.  (Note:  I have a doctorate in clinical psych, and my speciality is forensic psych).

  • Las Vegas Fakers, Fraud Money Takers!

  • He didn't snap. He planned it meticulously for months or longer. He had a reason.

  • Hoax…No blood bath.

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