Female Psychology

Female Psychology

Dating Coach Magic discusses the female psychology to help men date better. He advocates that men should pay attention to the psychology of women and use it to their advantage to generate STRONG UNCONTROLLABLE ATTRACTION


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  • hello sir, my friend is in a lot of trouble at the moment and i was wondering if you could help me help him, he got into a relationship with a girl and it was going fine untill about 9 months down the line where he found out that she cheated on him on 2 occasions. he still loves her but he does not know whether to take her back. what would you suggest? do you think the fact that she cheated on him twice that he should not get back with her?

  • First off, getting cheated on sucks. I'm sorry your friend had to go through that. Here are some things to keep in mind: No matter how sorry she is, it's sure to happen again. Even if the cheating stops, there is a good chance he will continue to be taken advantage of in other ways. No matter how in love he is, he will be a whole, complete person with or without her. If he begins seeing a pattern of anxiety, lowered self-worth, depression, something BIG needs to change NOW. Good luck!

  • First of, thanks a lot for replying and yes i totally agree, i think it will happen again…. thanks 🙂

  • Magic, can you post infield videos on your sarges?

  • Never had I heard so much bull shit from a guis mouth before.

  • You don't know what to say, so you call her friend a slut. Yes. Smooth move.

  • F*** cheating whores don't take her back shes a s***

  • Old school Indian macho B.S. They look at woman as lesser beings….I can tell he is a Omega pretending to be a Alpha

  • U are making a dating video.
    Your face and expressions are as if you are arguing with the watchers.

    Smile while making these.

  • Your expressionns sucks man!

    Try to Smile and laugh.

    And learn the script before making any video in future.

  • The more i m watching your video the more your way of expressing sucks!

    Your expresions and the video title doesnt co-match!

  • Women are as loyal as their options.

  • moral decent , gross .

  • genious!

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