Female Psychology: What Women REALLY Want

Female Psychology: What Women REALLY Want

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  • They want black cock and free shit

  • summary please

  • I have to post a comment and mention that this video is one of the best in youtube regarding relationship advice. Everything said here are accurate and true. Very well done!

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  • Open Question, Women Do Not Know What They Want. Thats Why Men Have To Tell Them What Women Need Not Want. Women Are Like Kids At A Dinner Table They Eat With Thier Eyes. If A Kid Has More Food On The Dinner Plate The Other Kid Is Going To Bitch. If A Women Looks At Another Women Woth A Nice House She Will Bitch To Get A House. And So On Cars, Vacation, Clothes, Furnitures And Much More. And At The The Women Eat Cat Food Alone With No Men By Her Side. Women Do Not Know What They Want, And Any One That Tells You Diffrent Is Trying To Scam You !!!

  • Thank you so much.

  • Nobody knows what women want… not even a mature woman is able to make her mind on this… What is that she wants…..ha ha ha

  • good vedeo

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  • Excellent stuff – thanks. Wish this was taught in school!

  • Quit slerping mothwr fucker. Good content but you sound disgusting

  • So many intitled men on this thread who feel like they are entitled to a 'hot' woman without ever having to do any work on themselves or education on how woman. To the good guys out there who are working on themselves, your awesome! To the sad couch potatos enjoy jacking off to porn for your whole life and living in a land of denial and entitlement!

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  • It's a lot of work but I'm the process of learning this stuff you're becoming a better and more valuable person with a self worth you can use in a relationship or if your single.

  • initial hypothesis in opening narrative appears to be dead on. When trying to catch a fish, you must consider what the fish wants, not what you think it should want. The correct bait would be a minnow or a worm, not an 8 0z prime rib or fresh apple pie.

  • Okay, let me say this … I got about 30 seconds into this video before I heard enough. Then felt I better comment on this guy and his mangina.
    Obviously this man is delusional and is trying to keep his hoax of a business as a dating coach or PUA by trying to con men into falling for the bullshit about women and what they want. Fuck what they want. What do we want is what matters. Do you ask or tell women to disregard what they want and only consider what men want? What is it about people like you that feel men need to give up everything that they want and that makes them happy to become a slave and a resource and to do everything we can to make women happy when there is no way to ever make a woman happy for more than the time it takes for her to shop for new shoes and then when she gets home she's gonna be an unhappy cunt because she will never content.
    Try this for a dating advice to men. Don't fall for the lies or the act. Keep your money in your pocket and make her buy you a drink and dinner for a change. They want to be equal, prove it. They make as much money as men and a lot of times more money than men do. Plus they never have to pay for drinks when they are out.
    How about what we want? We want a woman who is honest, loyal, not looking for resources and not going to fuck the asshole she dated before you that beat her and had fuck his friends and other girlfriends behind your back. We want to know we aren't going to be accused of abuse or rape or stalking just because she got mad at her man for catching her in a lie.
    Fuck this guy and his sucking on the tit of women because he has no balls and needs to make money off dumb guys to pay to keep his woman happy while she cuckolds him with his balls in her purse.

  • Thank you for putting this together. Great content, good job👍🏻

  • As a indian, settle abroad, earn 5digit salary. … thats fine for them.

  • What women really want…
    To be taking care of financially

  • This reminds me a lot of how I train my dogs. They're on a leash, they know it, but it's usually loose. Sometimes I have to give it a gentle tug to keep her in line. She knew right from the start that I'm the alpha. She doesn't need to be reminded and she learns just how far she can go. When she's bad I give her the silent treatment for awhile. Then when she looks at me with those sheepish eyes, she gets a hug and a kiss but not a treat right away. I always get female puppy dogs. They're easier to train when you know how.

  • They don't even know what they want. It's like you need to attach a key code like generator to them that is capable in generating a constant solution to their volatile moods, needs, and wants.

  • Dating advice for cucks

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