Feeling All the Feels: Crash Course Psychology #25

Feeling All the Feels: Crash Course Psychology #25

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That’s happiness; to be dissolved into something complete and great.
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Even if you’re Mel Gibson or Kanye, it’s probably best to not wear all of your emotions on your sleeve. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank talks about these things called “Emotions”. What are they? And why do we need them?

Table of Contents:

Emotions 00:54:22
Theories on Emotions 02:10:20
Cognition & Emotion 03:35:17
The Autonomic Nervous System 07:39:11

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  • …Hi I'm a pokemon.

  • this video gave me some ideas for my graduation project (link with cognition theory) <3

  • These videos help me so much to study for my test! I love them!

  • But what if your racing heart made you worried for your own health?

  • Anybody know where i could find some sources for this?
    really need them!

  • In CBT, I was told that my anxiety comes in part from a "trigger-happy" autonomic nervous system, so to speak. It activates at too little provocation, resulting an almost constant fight or flight response, followed by periods of exhaustion.


  • do you even breath between sentences? :/

  • You listen to punk rock, Hank?

  • Aren't the only two emotions love and fear? Ive seen that said before.

  • Ok but and this is just an odd question really doesn't have much to do with this video but like what if the outward stimuli would suggest you would feel some sort of emotion "arousal" the stimuli would suggest you would even feel that arousal in a very strong sense but you as a self don't react in that way like say you heard some really good news you would immediately expect to become happy but instead you don't really feel much in the emotion department or say someone pours out their testimony and personal experiences in order to strike you as a self with a sense of motivation or sadness or anything but instead there is no emotion that would otherwise be there due to what the stimuli would depict

  • Let's say I don't have opioid receptors, does that mean I can't feel happiness?

  • 6:02: "Arousal spurs emotion, but cognition directs. And yet, some researchers contend that all results are the result of just putting a name to our arousal – he suggests that many of our emotional reactions occur separately, or even before our cognition kicks in." Isn't that a contradiction??

  • HSPs wya?

  • When two people plan an "interruption "

  • who else here got finals tomorrow? ….. It can't be just me 🙁

  • V M

    Kanye was right tho

  • running like a Titan at 1:20

  • Ash Ketchum: What a loser. Red all the way!

  • I hate you

  • When your parents don't pay any attention to you, u become… this video

  • Yellow boxes

  • Do u have friends?

  • We often feel the emotion with our bodies as much as with our brains. Like if you change the physical environment of someone from a sad-boring place to an entertaining and happy place his or emotions will also change. And sometimes if you are not sad and starts crying then eventually you will remember something which will make you sad.

    So people, be there where you feel good, and do the things which make you feel happy.

  • Is that ash ketchum from pokemon

  • I hate emotion. Always trying to control me.

  • In the autistic mind it actually been and from my own experience that emotions slightly less rational in autistic people I have had meltdowns about stuff that I shouldn't have at my age and angry I have difficulty calming down quickly

  • Ash is so awesome 🙂😜☺️☺️😁

  • Damn right All Hail Beyoncé😏❤

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