Famous Psychologists – 38 Greatest Psychologists of All Time

Famous Psychologists – 38 Greatest Psychologists of All Time

The field of psychology covers a wide range of study that concerns behavior, the human mind, and what makes people “tick.” In order to get a better understanding of what this field entails, we can look at some of the pioneers and great thinkers in the field. Here are some of the most influential and famous psychologists of all time.

1. Wilhelm Wundt
2. William James
3. Ivan Pavlov
4. Sigmund Freud
5. Alfred Binet
6. Alfred Adler
7. Carl Jung
8. John B. Watson
9. Melanie Klein
10. Sabina Spielrein
11. Karen Horney
12. Kurt Lewin
13. Fritz Perls
14. Anna Freud
15. Jean Piaget
16. Lev Vygotsky
17. Erick Fromm
18. Jacques Lacan
19. Milton Erickson
20. Carl Rogers
21. Erik Erikson
22. B.F. Skinner
23. Viktor Frankl
24. John Bowlby
25. Abraham Maslow
26. Albert Ellis
27. Virginia Satir
28. Paul Watzlawick
29. Alice Miller
30. Albert Bandura
31. Lawrence Kohlberg
32. Pillip Zimbardo
33. Stanley Milgram
34. Paul Ekman
35. Daniel Kahneman
36. Martin Seligman
37. Ken Wilber
38. Steven Pinker

You can learn more about these famous psychologists by visiting http://totallyhistory.com/biography/famous-psychologists/


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  • Very useful collection for students of history of psychology

  • you did not put Karl Gustav Jung???? and Francoise Dolto???

  • Wertheimer, Koehler, koffka and Metzger. The founders of psychology, neuroscience and effective therapy. Lewin made the list but these gestaltist changed the world, just kept out of the spotlight in America…

  • Kohler

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